College Connections

The Community and College Connections initiative is embedded within the Buffalo Educational Opportunity Center's program offerings and is established to strengthen the participation and movement of eligible students toward college enrollment and retention. 


Community and College Connections conducts college survival skills workshops and courses for UBEOC students to broaden their knowledge and improve their prospects of success at the higher education level.

Students receive guidance, advisement, counseling, and direct assistance on a wide range of topics to build their preparedness to transition into a higher education setting. Individuals can expect to receive services that include:

  • College Survival Skills Workshops
  • College and Career Pathway Planning
  • Academic Advisement
  • College Admissions Application and Acceptance Process
  • Researching and Selecting Programs of Study
  • Placement Testing Preparation
  • Transcript Assessment
  • Financial Aid/Paying for College
  • Defaulted Loans Advisement
  • On-going College Support Services

Community Services

College-interested individuals from the community who need assistance will receive the same no-cost services UBEOC students receive. Contact UBEOC's Office of College and Career Advancement at 645-1910 to speak with staff. Individuals can also contact staff at via email at


We know many of you have questions about various topics in your journey toward college enrollment and success. Click on any of the questions below to receive additional information.

Need Help Deciding Which College Major to Choose?

The New York State Career Zone website provides a great resource to help you explore the six major broad work environments that jobs in the workplace fall into. Visit and click their “Assess Yourself” link. There, you can view the various jobs that fall into the six job clusters by clicking the “View Occupations” link. You will then be able to view occupational descriptions, tasks, and duties of each job, tools and technology utilized in each job, skills and knowledge needed to perform each job, the education and training each job requires, wages each job pays and the job outlook for each position. Viewing the education and training needed for these jobs can help you better decide what kind of college education and/or training you should pursue for the career you would like to obtain.

Need to Improve Your Math Skills?

Generally, area community colleges will require potential students to complete placement testing to determine what level of math classes students should begin with. To help you strengthen your math skills at your own pace, Khan Academy is an online resource that provides you with video clips of mathematic problems in arithmetic, pre-algebra, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, to pre-calculus that you can access from any internet-connected computer. Visit

Need Accuplacer Placement Testing Help?

The College Board provides prospective college students with a sample Accuplacer test that area community colleges use to help them place incoming students in the appropriate level of math and English classes. Visit for more assistance.

Need to Determine if Your Foreign College Credentials Will Transfer to U.S. Colleges?

There are online services that can help you determine if college courses you have taken overseas will transfer to colleges in the United States. One premier service is World Education Services. Create an account by visiting and click the “For Immigrants” icon. There is a cost involved.

Need to Have Your Foreign College or High School Transcripts Translated into English?

The International Institute of Buffalo (IIB) can translate college and high school educational transcripts from your home country. IIB charges a fee for this service ranging from $50-$75/hour depending upon what is involved in providing the service to you. Visit and click the “Interpretation and Translation” link for more details. 

Need to Prepare For or Take the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) to Enter College?

The TOEFL website can be reached at where you can find everything you need to know from practice test preparation to learning the cost and the dates the actual test will be given in your area.

Need to Complete Entrance Counseling in Order to Obtain a College Loan to Help Pay For Your Tuition?

The Federal Student Aid Office of the U.S. Department of Education provides entrance counseling to students who need additional financial aid (e.g. loans) to help them pay for their college tuition and books. This counseling is required before any college can offer a student a federal loan. Students will need to have established an FSAID user name and password in order to access this online counseling. Once a student completes this counseling successfully, their college financial aid office(s) will be notified, and then their college(s) will be able to package a loan offer for them. Students will also have to sign a promissory note indicating that they are responsible for repaying any loan(s) they receive. Visit to get started.

Need to Learn How to Address a Defaulted College Loan to Help Yourself Become Re-Eligible to Reapply for Financial Aid?

The U.S. Department of Education’s Student Aid website provides information of different ways you can repay your student loan so that you can become eligible to reapply for federal financial aid. The website also provides a wealth of information on topics such as: Preparing for College, Types of Available Financial Aid, Who Gets Aid, FAFSA: Applying for Aid, and How to Repay Your Loans. Visit for more details. You can also visit the National Student Loan Data System to get a listing of outstanding student loans that you have taken out. For more information, you can visit the following link to create an account and obtain that information.

Need SAT Test Preparation Assistance?

The College Board provides prospective college students with a variety of test preparation materials to help you prepare for this very important exam. Visit and select the “Practice” link for more assistance.

Contact Us

Oliver Glover.

Oliver Glover

Coordinator, College Connections Office

Educational Opportunity Center

555 Ellicott Street Buffalo, NY 14203

Phone: (716) 645-1910


Stay In Touch

We like to stay in touch with our students who have gone on to college. Contact us from time to time at 716-645-1910 and let us know how you’re doing in college. If your email address has changed or you have moved, send us an email at  with your new address, email address, and phone number to help us keep in touch with you.

Remember… “Education Opens All Doors”

College Bound

College-bound students at UBEOC attend college survival skill workshops, concentrate on their classroom studies, tour area colleges, and get opportunities to shadow college courses as they prepare themselves to someday enroll in college. Here, we are showing you in pictures how our students are readying themselves for college. 

College Success Stories

UBEOC students who go on to college have very interesting stories to tell about what inspired them to enter or return to college. Their stories of persistence and belief that they will become college students are stories that will encourage you and make you think that you can do what they have done, too. Here, we are telling their success stories. Send UBEOC College Connections an email at and we’ll contact you to obtain your story and we may be telling your story next.

Selfie Gallery

“UBEOC students go on to enroll in college and enjoy a variety of campus experiences. They ‘hit the books’ and study hard in the library, do research, create and write exceptional papers in computer labs. They also get involved in student clubs, exercise together in college athletic facilities and simply "chill out" with friends in the student union between classes. College Connections invites former UBEOC students who are now in college to email us a selfie picture of them experiencing college campus life.

Our Selfie Gallery gives former students a way to stay connected with UBEOC and to show our current college-bound students what they can get involved in and experience once they are the next students to arrive on campus. If you have a picture for us... send it into may the next face we showcase.”