Current Students

UBEOC students have a wide array of resources available to them to ensure their success. Services include counseling staff to support students' overall UBEOC experience and connecting them with community resources. Our student development center provides students with leadership opportunities and enrich campus experience. Technology staff is available to help students navigate the use of computers and answers technical questions concerning their use. Students can access our Information Commons/library to conduct internet research for class projects and build their knowledge. College Connections staff is available to assist students with applying for college and financial aid. Career Services staff can help support students' job search efforts and direct them to resources connected with area employment opportunities.

Community and College Connections conducts college survival skills workshops and courses for UBEOC students to broaden their knowledge and improve their prospects of success at the higher education level.
At UBEOC, the classroom is just a starting point. Our students receive a full range of career services to prepare for internships and job placement. Find out how you can earn at starting salary of $30,000 or more by completing one of our vocational trainings.