Residence Hall Information

Goodyear Hall.

If you wish, the English Language Institute will arrange for you to stay at one of the university South Campus residence halls. Living in the residence halls is considered an integral part of the program and enables participants to get to know many international and American students.

About the Residence Halls

Residence halls feature cafeterias, television lounges, recreational facilities, laundry rooms and small kitchens. Campus Living staff are always available to help students with questions and problems.

IEP students who are interested in staying in a university residence hall will be housed on a first-come, first-served basis determined by room availability. Accommodations will be in double rooms on the South Campus of the University at Buffalo. Dormitory units will be open on the first day of the semester. Students are urged not to arrive on campus ahead of time. If you are planning to live in the residence hall during your program and you arrive before opening day, you can stay at the University Manor Inn.

Residence Hall Housing Deposits

If you are applying to the Summer IEP, no residence hall deposit is necessary. Please return only the application form. If you are applying to the Fall or Spring program, a $300 residence hall deposit will be necessary -- but only after you have been admitted to the IEP.