Binge-Like Eating in Rodent Models

map of waves in a rodent brain; red and green.

Assist in ongoing research that explores how binge-like intake of palatable foods changes expression of key feeding-related peptides.

Project description

This project uses a rodent model to evaluate how palatable food intake, and particularly binge-like patterns of palatable food intake, can change expression of key neuropeptides and receptors in the brain that are important for energy balance control and food reward. This could inform our understanding of the neurobiological changes that occur after development of binge-like eating behavior.

Student should have a minimum of 6 hours/week available to work in the lab. Morning / early afternoon availability is essential (~9:00am-12:30pm). Some weekend work will be required.

Project outcome

The student will learn how to handle rodents and how to measure rats’ food intake and body weight. They will gain experience collecting and analyzing behavioral and physiological data in rodent models, and will learn about experimental design. The student may also occasionally help out with other ongoing projects in the lab.

Project details

Timing, eligibility and other details
Length of commitment Year-long (10-12 months)
Start time Winter (December); Spring (January/February); Summer (May/June)
Level of collaboration Large group collaboration (4+ students)
Benefits Academic Credit, Volunteer
Who is eligible Sophomores, Juniors, Seniors
Support Funding is available after the completion of the preparation badge. See below.

Project mentor

Elizabeth G. Mietlicki-Baase

Assistant Professor

Exercise and Nutrition Sciences

G10G Farber Hall

Phone: (716) 645-9156



To engage with this project, you will work through a series of Project-Based Collaboration digital badges to guide your experience. These badges will:

  1. Guide you in setting your goals and intentions as well as gaining additional context,
  2. Enhance your collaboration with your mentor/partner,
  3. Support your reflection and help you integrate your learning with your academic and professional goals.

All students who wish to participate in a project on the Project Portal must first complete the Project Preparation Digital Badge. First, contact the project mentor to discuss availability and after you’ve received approval, you can start the Project Preparation Digital Badge.

Preparation guidance

Once you have registered for the Project Preparation Digital Badge, you will receive further instructions related to the activities you will need to complete. In addition, you will also complete the following preparation activities for this particular project: