Assessing the Preclinical Safety of a Promising New Antibody to Diagnose and Treat Cancer

Dr. John Fisk and Dr. Kate Rittenhouse-Olson discussing IHC slide results.

Analyze the tissue from treated animals in a cancer study to determine if there was any off-target antibody accumulation.

Project description

Our patented humanized antibody, hJAA-F11, appears promising with specificity for human carcinomas including those of breast, lung, prostate, colon, bladder and ovary, as shown by our recently published paper concerning specificity of JAA-F11 by immunohistochemistry and in vivo imaging (Karacosta et al. 2018). The efficacy of the two different hJAA-F11 constructs, H2aL2a and H3L3, was shown in mouse models of human triple negative breast cancer, human non-small cell lung cancer and human small cell lung cancer. No apparent pathology of normal tissues was seen.

To continue safety validation, the tissues of these treated mice must be analyzed for unexpected off-target antibody accumulation. This analysis will be performed by immunohistochemistry, a method in which tissue samples on microscope slides are analyzed for human antibody deposition.

Project outcome

A poster presentation is the expected outcome of the student's work on this project. This work might be also be included in a publication.

Project details

Timing, eligibility and other details
Length of commitment A semester
Start time Winter, Spring, Summer 
Level of collaboration Individual student project
Benefits Academic Credit, Volunteer, Work Study
Who is eligible Any undergraduate student

Core partners

Project mentor

Kate Rittenhouse-Olson

Professor Emeritus

Biotechnical and Clinical Laboratory Sciences

24 & 44 Cary Hall

Phone: (716) 829-5195


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