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This project aims to develop and test a new fish-inspired robot that minimizes undesirable inertial recoil found in traditional fish swimming, while being capable of achieving high speeds and efficiency.
Seeking undergraduate researcher to work on a project that defends against a web attack named formjacking, where attackers inject malicious javaScript into a web page that steals sensitive payment information.
The mHealth research team at UB is seeking smartphone hackers looking for research experiences and academic publications.
Seeking students from a wide spectrum of disciplines to work on subsystems of satellite being built to be flown by NASA through its CubeSat Initiative as part of the Air Force University Nanosatellite Program.
Students will contribute to the development of a treadmill that reacts to the user's walking/running speed in such a way to keep her or h im in the middle of the treadmill.
Seeking students to work on emerging biometrics, exploring the use of brainwave, heart beat, gait, gesture and other live body features.
Seeking students to contribute to novel approach for detecting early autism, including a set of biometric systems and machine learning algorithms.
Results 1 - 7 of 34. (0.01 seconds)

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Members of the UB and Buffalo communities have been traveling to Mara, Tanzania, since 2009, collaborating with partners in support of women’s empowerment and community development. You are invited to contribute your talents and expertise through related projects and classes.
The 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) outlined by the United Nations are a systematic plan to build a better world for people and our planet by 2030.