Research Roundup: Heat and Shift Study for Healthy Volunteers

Published August 10, 2021


A visit to the University at Buffalo’s Participate in Research portal shows the wide variety of studies currently seeking participants from our community. In one particularly unique example, researchers are trying to learn about how different people respond to working in heat for two days in a row.


Researchers in UB’s School of Public Health and Health Professions, Department of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences are hoping that research from this study could eventually reduce the risk for cardiovascular (heart and blood) issues in first responders such as firefighters and law enforcement officers.

Participants are being asked to commit 8.25 hours, which will be spread out over four visits to the lab. The lab is located on UB’s South Campus. During the study, participants will work in the heat while wearing gear used by firefighters. Researchers will monitor vital signs using state-of-the-art technologies. Participants will receive compensation for their time.


  • Adults ages 18-39
  • Generally healthy

More info:

For questions, or to receive a screening form, write to Nathan Bartman at or call 518-269-0081.