Joseph F. Lucke, PhD

Joseph F. Lucke, PhD.

Senior Research Scientist

Contact Information

1021 Main Street
Buffalo, NY  14203-1016
Phone: (716) 887-6807

Primary Research Areas

Bayesian statistics; Quantitative methods in the social and biological sciences; Multivariate statistical analysis.

Research Publications Expertise

Research Projects

Bradizza | Stasiewicz | Lucke | Coffey | Gulliver
Researchers will study the effectiveness of Affect Regulation Treatment (ART) as an intervention for people with alcohol use disorders.
Stasiewicz | Bradizza | Dermen | Lucke
This grant will explore a number of tailored treatment approaches to determine which works best for people in relation to their drinking behavior prior to seeking help.
Miller | Dermen | Lucke
This study assessed the use of caffeinated energy drinks by U.S. adolescents and young adults (age 13-25) and examined links between sexual risk-taking and the use of energy drinks mixed with alcohol.
Connors | Maisto | Dearing | Lucke
The working relationship between the patient and therapist during treatment for an alcohol use disorder was studied to examine its influence on treatment effectiveness and post-treatment functioning. 

Outcomes in patients with Parkison’s disease following deep-brain stimulation (funded by Adriana Blood Foundation). Statistician, in collaboration with Mya C. Schiess, MD

Measuring the value of remote ICU monitoring (funded by Agency for Healthcare). Statistician (in collaboration with Eric Thomas, MD).