Evaluation of Second Step Family Videos to Promote Child Personal Safety

Livingston | Nickerson
Researchers and focus groups evaluated videos developed to help parents talk to their young children about personal safety and sexual abuse.

Child sexual abuse (CSA) has been linked to long-term negative outcomes including poor mental health, substance use and re-victimization in adolescence and young adulthood, making prevention of CSA a critical issue for promoting children’s health. This project evaluated a series of family videos designed by the Committee for Children for the Second Step Child Protection Unit to help parents of young children to talk to their children about personal safety and child sexual abuse. The mixed methods evaluation consisted of two parts: (a) a randomized control trial evaluating the effectiveness of the videos in promoting parental communication about CSA and the mechanisms through which this occurs; and (b) focus group interviews with parents to assess their reactions to the videos and to provide feedback for video development and implementation.  

Principal Investigator
Jennifer Livingston, PhD
Research Institute on Addictions

Amanda Nickerson, PhD
Alberti Center for Bullying Abuse Prevention
University at Buffalo

Funding Agency
Committee for Children

Grant Number