Understanding and Using Friend Support in the Prevention of Alcohol-Involved Sexual Assault

Livingston | Read

This pilot study examined the social context (i.e., the presence and role of friends) of alcohol-involved sexual assault (ASA) on college campuses and gathered information about receptiveness and feasibility of a smart phone application (“app”) that uses friends as a resource to prevent ASA. The data collected from this research will be used to inform an R01 application proposal to conduct an evaluation of a friend-based “Circle of 6” (Co6) phone app in the prevention of alcohol-involved sexual assault on college campuses.

Principal Investigators were Jennifer A. Livingston, PhD, RIA senior research scientist, and Jennifer P. Read, PhD, of UB’s Department of Psychology. Funded by RIA's Howard T. Blane Director’s Award for Development of Innovative Research in the Addictions (BDAA), 2015-16.