Pretreatment Change in Drinking: Relationship to Treatment Outcome

Stasiewicz | Bradizza | Lucke
This five-year study will research how an individual’s change in alcohol use prior to beginning treatment predicts success during and after a treatment program.

Preliminary data on pretreatment change in drinking indicate that a subset of individuals make rapid, substantial changes prior to starting treatment and maintain these changes during and after treatment; others do not change substantially prior to treatment and show only modest improvements after entering treatment.  This application proposes to investigate trajectories of pretreatment changes in drinking and to examine the relationship of pretreatment change to treatment outcome.

Principal Investigator
Paul Stasiewicz, PhD

Research Institute on Addictions

Clara Bradizza, PhD
Research Institute on Addictions

Joseph Lucke, PhD
Research Institute on Addictions

Funding Agency
National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA)

Grant Number