Gamma-Hydroxybutyrate: Toxicokinetics, Toxicodynamics and Treatment Strategies

The goal of this study is to identify the means to treat overdoses of the drug GHB (γ-Hydroxybutyrate), also known as the “date rape drug.”

γ-Hydroxybutyrate (GHB), a popular drug of abuse, is commonly ingested with alcohol at nightclubs and “raves,” or as a means of drug-facilitated sexual assault (date rape). GHB overdoses result in coma and death; there is currently no specific pharmacological treatment for GHB overdoses. The goal of this proposal is to identify specific therapeutic interventions for the treatment of GHB overdoses, when GHB is ingested alone or with alcohol, and apply these interventions under clinically relevant conditions of GHB abuse to determine their therapeutic potential for improving public health by preventing deaths due to GHB overdose.

Principal Investigator
Marilyn E. Morris, PhD
School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

Funding Agency
National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA)

Grant Number