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2015 Business Day Presentations

Thank you for supporting UB Business Day 2015. We hope you enjoyed the opportunity to learn about important business topics and discuss your business needs with subject matter experts. For your convenience, we have provided links to presentations.

Accessible IT: Ensuring Inclusion for Everyone

Sharon Nolan-Weiss, Randall Borst, Frances Fiscus and Shaun Hoppel, Office of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Technology enhances our ability to communicate and learn and is essential to the success of our students and employees. Technology has not been universally available to everyone, however. Individuals with disabilities face ongoing challenges in accessing the full range of opportunities available to individuals without disabilities.

For example, websites, online programs, and email communication with untagged graphics are unreadable by screen readers used by individuals with visual impairments and videos without captioning cannot be accessed by individuals with hearing impairments.

This workshop will assist you in promoting an inclusive environment by identifying, purchasing and offering technology that can be accessed by everyone. We will also present case studies of how inaccessible IT might affect a business unit, with tips on how to avoid pitfalls that can lead to problems and complaints.

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Branding and Marketing the University at Buffalo

Elena Conti-Blatto, University Communications

As part of the goals, plans and aspirations of UB 2020, the University at Buffalo is currently developing a comprehensive brand identity strategy that will create a differentiated position in the marketplace. 

Learn more about this important initiative and how you can be a part of this exciting transformation. 

This session will answer the questions:

  • What is branding?
  • How does marketing differ from branding?
  • Why is it important for UB?

Bringing Big-Time College Athletics to WNY

Danny White, Athletics

UB Athletics is working hard to strengthen the national profile of New York’s premiere public institution through excellence in intercollegiate athletics. We inspire academic and athletic excellence through an unwavering commitment to our student-athletes. By recruiting and supporting the most talented individuals, we strive to win championships with integrity and accountability.

As we galvanize the Western New York community, we advance the brand of our institution nationally. Hear the vision for the future of UB Athletics and the successes of our tremendous student-athletes and coaches.

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Buying From Minority and Women Owned Businesses and Service Disabled Veteran Owned Businesses

Dan Vivian and Linda Deni, Procurement Services

You will learn about the minority and women-owned business enterprise (MWBE) program, how it came about, where we are now and where the university is going, as well as how to find and search for MWBE and service disabled veteran-owned businesses (SDVOB).  

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Discussion on UBF Administration and Reporting

Edward Schneider, University at Buffalo Foundation  

Take part in an open dialog on any issues that you would like to discuss regarding UBF administration and reporting of business transactions.

While the focus will be on expenditure and payroll and benefit transactions, there will also be an overview of the management information tool known as UBFirst. The proper utilization of donated funds, including un-utilized and underutilized endowments, will be reviewed.

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Economic Development and UB: How to Access UB's Assets and Resources

Tom Murdock, University at Buffalo Foundation and staff

The University at Buffalo continues to grow its economic impact on the Western New York economy by supporting local businesses, assisting start-up companies and connecting these companies to the assets and resources available through the university and its industry partners. 

Learn how you can benefit from the tremendous entrepreneurial spirit around UB and the Buffalo Niagara region. Tom will discuss various resources, services and programs available to entrepreneurs, start-up companies and local existing businesses looking to grow and expand their R&D and ultimately create jobs in the Buffalo Niagara region and how you can leverage industry relationships to advance your research, student engagement and support our region's economic revitalization.

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eReq Replacement: New Online Ordering System

John Grabowski, Procurement Services

UB’s electronic requisition system, known as eReq, changed how purchasing took place on campus. In the near future, eReq will be replaced with a new, more comprehensive system that will again revolutionize how the university conducts business.

The new system will encompass all aspects of the procurement process and will provide you with an type of shopping experience for almost all of your procurement needs. The new system is part of a seven Western New York SUNY campus collaborative that will promote a more strategic environment and standardize how procurement takes place throughout SUNY.

Everyday Computer Security Risks

Dr. Catherline J. Ullman and Nadira Persad, Information Security Office

Email scams? Unsolicited phone calls? Computer acting funny? All day long we are bombarded by scams and mischief. What can we trust? How do we know when something is a problem?

Learn about the typical bumps you will encounter while using the Internet in your job. We'll discuss how to identify issues and where to get help if you aren't sure. Join us to learn all about everyday security.

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Getting to Know Financial Services

Michelle McCartney, Carrie Hutchins, Mark Mariglia and Brendan Davis, Financial Services

Learn about the various roles and responsibilities of staff within Financial Services. Get an overview of the sub-departments and hear how each group can assist you with your day-to-day needs. Various staff will be available so you can see the faces behind the transactions. Also discussed will be current and future initiatives to provide an understanding of the vision for continued improvements.

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Make Meetings and Projects Worthwhile

Suzy Shallowhorn, Organizational Development And Training

The presentation will provide you with actions and tips that will make your time spent in meetings and on projects and committees more productive and worthwhile. 

You will be introduced to: 

  • The five keys of effective planning
  • The value of your contributions
  • Making an impact
  • Settling ground rules

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Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Uniform Guidance: What You Need to Know

Marlene Casey and Tracy Jackson, Sponsored Project Services

Learn about the single biggest change in the last 50 years in the management of federal awards. In December of 2014, the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) issued "Uniformed Administrative Requirements for Federal Awards" which is a new set of regulations consolidating several of the OMB circulars. These regulations impact proposals you make for federal funding and the way grant and contract are managed.

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Prepare for the New UB Time and Attendance System in 2016

Mark Coldren and Amanda Brown, Human Resources

This interactive session will describe the process of how UB will prepare for the January 2016 implementation of the SUNY online time and attendance system. The session will outline the importance of collecting and validating key information to be able to load into the SUNY system in December.

Learn about the key elements that all departments will work with HR on, such as establishing and validating the supervisory and reporting hierarchy for every area, connecting all individuals that need to submit time to a supervisor within the SUNY system and collecting all accrual balances as of December 31, 2015.

HR will share the process for distributing information for departmental review, how to edit and validate the results and how to submit information back to HR for loading into the SUNY system.

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Records Management: Are You Managing an Asset or Liability?

Brian T. Hines, Policy and Operational Excellence

The importance of proper records management in today's ever changing and litigious world will be examined. The reasons for proper records management range from cost savings to potential liability if the university is named in a lawsuit. 

Learn best practices, including ways to effectively manage records for cost savings and lessen the potential liability to the university and you. 

Records discussed include everything from memos to text messages, as they are all subject to discovery in a court of law. Become an expert in your department in managing this important function to make it an asset and not a liability.

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Rehabs and Renovations: Where Do I Start?

Cheryl Bailey, Martin Hohle, Brian Foti and Scott Ludtka, University Facilities  

Do you need to update your space, expand, add equipment or move locations? Learn how Facilities can assist you in using space requests, the work order system, or for larger projects, the small scale capital project (rehab) request.

Understand the relationship between the different groups within Facilities including: Capital Planning, EH&S, Facilities Planning & Design and Operations, as well as understand the responsibility of your unit's Facilities Planning and Management Officer (FPMO). 


  • Space utilization principles
  • What is a rehab project
  • Relationship between the client, FPMO and Facilities
  • When to use the work order system
  • Small scale capital rehab and renovations project process
  • Your responsibilities as requester of a project (forms and signatures)

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SIRI Student Report Changes After Version 11 Upgrade

John Havey and Mark Molnar, Institutional Research

Learn about the changes to prompt functionality and the look-and-feel aspects of SIRI Student Reports since the upgrade to Version 11. New reports and report features that have been introduced in the past year will also be showcased.

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Top 10 Actions You Can Complete on the New HR Website

Jamie Lynn Bluhm, Ann Marie Davis and Peter Logiudice, Human Resources

This session will take you through the new HR website and will illustrate 10 examples of action items your can complete on the new site. 

See a demonstration of the following: 

  • How to verify an employee's funding source. 
  • How to access a comprehensive benefit package relevant to an employee's funding source
  • How to sign up for training.
  • How to find an HR expert.
  • How to onboard new employees online. 
  • How to access additional perks and discounts from Wellness and Work Life Balance in an exciting new format.
  • How to sign up for orientation(s). 
  • How to access all things tax-related for our international population. 
  • How to access our career page. 
  • How to give feedback and use our accurate search engine powered by Google.

Transitioning Into Retirement: A Discussion With Recent Retirees

Lissa Jasinowski and Tracy Czarnecki, Human Resources

The presentation will include a panel discussion with recent state retirees to talk about their experience with the retirement process. 

Topics and questions may include: 

  • How did you prepare for retirement?
  • Is there anything you wish you would have done differently or known prior to retirement?
  • How did you successfully transition to retirement?
  • How did you prepare to transition out of your position with the university?

Using Mediation to Help Resolve Employee Disputes

Neil B. McGillicuddy and Deborah A. Hard, Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Interpersonal and work-related problems can bring tension to any work setting. Sometimes this tension is unbearable for those involved. Neil and Deborah will describe the bad and good that comes from conflict in the work setting, when the input of a third party may be helpful and how the input of a neutral third party can help resolve the conflict so that the tension can dissipate and people can function at work again. 

Neil and Deborah will highlight their experience with conflict and mediation, discuss the conflict resolution model in place at the university and how it can help resolve problems in your workplace. 

At the end of the session, you will be able to:

  • Identify when conflict can result in good outcomes.
  • When to identify whether mediation may be appropriate for a specific problem in your workplace.
  • How to contact EAP's University Mediation Services

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Workplace Bullying: What Is It and How to Stop It

Neil B. McGillicuddy and Deborah A. Hard, Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Increasing numbers of employees are reporting workplace bullying. This workshop will discuss what workplace bullying is and how we can all play a role in putting an end to it.  In this interactive workshop, you will learn:

  • What workplace bullying is
  • How destructive it in the workplace
  • Discuss mechanisms that can result in its reduction and subsequent elimination

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Your Work/Life Matters: Balancing Your Personal and Professional Life

Amy Myszka, Lydia Conroy and Pete Logiudice, Wellness and Worklife Balance

Your work/life matters. Trying to balance the demands of your personal and professional life can seem daunting. However, the university offers free resources to help you try and achieve this balance.

Learn about the free programs and services that are available to you.

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