Hua (Helen) Wang

Department of Communication, Associate Professor

Research Focus: Entertainment-education for health promotion and social change, communication technology, social networks, intervention design and evaluation


Contact Information

309 Baldy Hall
Buffalo, NY 14260
Phone: (716) 645-1501

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My research and teaching interests include digital technologies, social networks, health promotion, and social change. I am passionate about leveraging innovative strategies, newer media, and network influence to improve the well-being of individuals, groups, and societies at large.

Here are my three overlapping sub-areas:

Entertainment-education (intervention design and evaluation, narrative engagement and persuasion, positive deviance, and transmedia storytelling);

Digital technologies beyond pure entertainment (games for health, learning, and change; online communities, social network sites, mobile computing); and

Social transformation of communication technologies in everyday life (social and psychological influence of the Internet, online community participation, computer-mediated communication).

I have contributed to interdisciplinary projects funded by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Canadian Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, National Institute of Health, National Science Foundation, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and Anneberg Foundation among others.

From 2014 to 2015, I served as the International Communication Association conference theme chair and the editor of the theme book on Communication and “The Good Life.” Most recently, I am honored to have received the UB Exceptional Scholars – Young Investigator Award.