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Allison Shaw

Department of Communication, Assistant Professor

Research Focus: Interpersonal communication, social influence, behavioral neuroendocrinology, message processing and production

Contact Information

327 Baldy Hall
Buffalo, NY 14260



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Journal Articles

Boster, F.J., Shaw, A.Z., Carpenter, C.J., & Lindsey, L.M. (2015). Simulation of a dynamic theory of reasoned action. Simulation and Gaming, online, 1-33. doi:10.1177/1046878114562930

Shaw, A.Z. (2013). The effect of prenatal androgen exposure on the development of neural reactivity systems: A study of the HEXACO Personality Inventory. Personality and Individual Differences, 55, 19-23.

Shaw, A.Z., Kotowski, M.R., Boster, F.J., & Levine, T.R. (2012). The Effect of Prenatal Sex Hormones on the Development of Verbal Aggression. Journal of Communication, 62, 778-793.

Levine, T.R., Serota, K., Shulman, H., Clare, D., Park, H., Shaw, A.S., Shim, J.C., & Lee, J.H. (2011). Sender Demeanor: Individual difference in sender believability have a powerful impact on deception detection judgments. Human Communication Research, 37,377-403. DISTINGUISHED PAPER AWARD 2011, Social Cognition Division National Communication Association.

DeAndrea, D. C., Shaw, A.S., Levine, T. R. (2010). Culture and self-expression in online social networking: An examination of self-construals on Facebook. Language and Social Psychology, 29, 425-442.

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Levine, T.R., Shaw, A.S., & Shulman, H. (2010). Assessing deception detection accuracy with dichotomous truth-lie judgments and continuous scaling: Are people really more accurate when honesty is scaled? Communication Research Reports, 27, 112-122.

Blair, J.P., Levine, T.R., & Shaw, A.S. (2010). Content in context improves deception detection accuracy. Human Communication Research, 36, 423-442. DISTINGUISHED PAPER AWARD 2010, Social Cognition Division National Communication Association.

Boster, F.J., Shaw, A.S., Hughes, M., Kotowski, M.R., Strom, R.E., & Deatrick, L.M. (2009). Dump-and-Chase: The effectiveness of persistence as a sequential request compliance-gaining strategy. Communication Studies, 60, 219-234.

Carpenter, C.J., Kotowski, M.R., Boster, F.J., Andrews, K.R., Serota, K., & Shaw, A.S. (2009). Do superdiffusers argue differently? An analysis of argumentation style as a function of diffusion ability. Argumentation and Advocacy, 45, 155-174.

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