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Gregory Saxton

Department of Communication, Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies

Research Focus: New media; organizational communication; organizational disclosure; organizational accountability; stakeholder relations; nonprofit organizations; capital markets

Contact Information

331 Baldy Hall
Buffalo, NY 14260
Phone: 716-645-1161

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Journal Articles

Suddaby, R., Saxton, G. D., & Gunz, S. (2015). Twittering change: The institutional work of domain change in accounting expertise. Accounting, Organizations and Society, 45, 52-68.

Saxton, G. D. (2015). Discussant Comment on “Is tone at the top associated with financial reporting aggressiveness?” Journal of Business Ethics, 126, 21-24. 

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Zhuang, J., Saxton, G. D., & Wu, H. (2014). Publicity vs. impact in nonprofit disclosures and donor preferences: A sequential game with one nonprofit organization and N donorsAnnals of Operations Research, 221(1), 469-491.

Saxton, G. D., & Waters, R. D. (2014). What do stakeholders 'like' on Facebook? Examining public reactions to nonprofit organizations' informational, promotional, and community-building messages. Journal of Public Relations Research, 6, 280-299 (Best paper award finalist, Public Relations Division, annual meeting of the International Communication Association, June 17-21, 2013, London, UK)

Anderson, K., & Saxton, G. D. (in press). Babies, smiles, and status symbols: The persuasive effects of images in small-entrepreneur crowdfunding requests. International Journal of Communication.

Guo, C., & Saxton, G. D. (2014). Tweeting social change: How social media are changing nonprofit advocacy. Nonprofit & Voluntary Sector Quarterly, 43(1), 57-79.

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Saxton, G. D., Hoene, C. W., & Erie, S. P. (2002). Fiscal constraints and the loss of home rule: The long-term impacts of California's post-Proposition 13 fiscal regime. American Review of Public Administration, 32, 423-454. Won award for best article published in the ARPA in 2002.

Other Publications

Saxton, G.D., (in press). Discussion of "Is tone at the top associated with financial reporting aggressiveness?" Journal of Business Ethics. 

Saxton, G.D., (2004). "The Rise of Participatory Society: Challenges for Public Administration." PA Times 27(11),  4-5.

Saxton, G.D., (2003). "Lobbying." In The Encyclopedia of Public Administration and Public Policy, ed. David Schultz. Facts on File, Inc.

Community Reports

Gregory D. Saxton, with Sonia Aaroe, Erica Brown, Margaret Cole, Latasha Craig, Conor Cusack, Malasri Das-Roy, Fanny DiLettera, Mary Flaherty, Tracy Hensler, Cynthia Hobbs, Tamara Jones, Tom Kuryla, Karen Ogden, Denise Parker, Tyler Schaab, Susan Shaw, Tracy Stevens, and Susan Ventura. Benchmarking Quality of Life in Greater Rochester: A Service-Learning Report.