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Ashley Anker

Department of Communication, Research Assistant Professor


Research Focus: Health Communication


Contact Information

355 Baldy Hall
Buffalo, NY 14260

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Journal Articles

Anker, A. E., Feeley, T. H., McCracken, B., & Lagoe, C. A. (in press). Measuring the effectiveness of mass-mediated health campaigns through meta-analysis. Journal of Health Communication.

Quick, B. L., Anker, A. E., Feeley, T. H., & Morgan, S. E. (in press). An examination of the organ donation attitude-registration discrepancy among mature adults. Health Communication.

Feeley, T. H., Reynolds-Tylus, T., Anker, A. E., & Evans, M. (in press). A DMV-based intervention to promote organ donor registrations in New York State. Progress in Transplantation.

Hurley, C. M., Anker, A. E., Frank, M. G., Matsumoto, D. M., & Hwang, H. C. (2014). Background factors predicting accuracy and improvement in micro expression recognition. Motivation & Emotion, 38, 700-714.

Feeley, T.H., Reynolds-Tylus, T., Anker, A.E., & Evans, M. (2014). Reasons for (not) signing the state registry: Surveying DMV customers in New York State. Progress in Transplantation, 24(1), 97-105.

Saxton, G, & Anker, A.E. (2013). The aggregate effects of decentralized knowledge production: Financial bloggers and information asymmetries in the stock market. Journal of Communication, 63(6), 1054-1069.

Anker, A. E., Akey, J., & Feeley, T. H. (2013). Providing social support in a persuasive context: Forms of social support reported by Organ Procurement Coordinators. Health Communication, 28(8), 835-845.

Reinhart, A. M., & Anker, A. E. (2012). An exploration of transportation and psychological reactance in organ donation PSAs. Communication Research Reports, 29(4), 274-284.

Feeley, T. H., Anker, A. E., & Aloe, A. M. (2012). The Door-in-the-Face persuasive message strategy: The first 35 years. Communication Monographs, 79(3), 316-343.

Stefanone, M., Anker, A. E., Evans, M., & Feeley, T. H. (2012). Click to “like” organ donation: The use of online media to promote organ donor registration. Progress in Transplantation, 22(2), 168-174.

Anker, A. E., & Feeley, T. H. (2012). Estimating the risks of acquiring a kidney abroad: A meta-analysis of complications following participation in transplant tourism. Clinical Transplantation, 26(3), E232-E241.

Vincent, D. E., Anker, A. E., & Feeley, T. H. (2011). Religion and the decision to donate organs: Exploring the potential role of religious leaders. Journal of Community & Applied Social Psychology, 21(4), 312-328.

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Anker, A. E., & Feeley, T. H. (2011). Asking the difficult questions: Message strategies utilized by Organ Procurement Coordinators in requesting familial consent to organ donation. Journal of Health Communication. 16(6), 643-659.

Anker, A. E., & Feeley, T. H. (2011). Difficult communication: Compliance-gaining strategies of Organ Procurement Coordinators. Journal of Health Communication, 16(4), 372-392.

Anker, A. E., & Feeley, T. H. (2011). Are non-participants in prosocial behavior merely innocent bystanders? Health Communication, 26(1), 13-24.

Anker, A. E., & Feeley, T. H. (2010). Why families decline donation: The perspective of Organ Procurement Coordinators. Progress in Transplantation, 20(3), 239-246.

Feeley, T. H., Smith, R. A., Moon, S., & Anker, A. E. (2010). A journal-level analysis of Health Communication. Health Communication, 25(6/7), 516-521.

Anker, A. E., Feeley, T. H., & Kim, H. (2010). Examining the attitude-behavior relationship in prosocial donation domains. Journal of Applied Social Psychology, 40(6), 1293-1324.

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LaVail, K., Anker, A. E., Feeley, T. H., & Reinhart, A. M. (2010). The persuasive effects of audiovisual PSAs to promote organ donation: The mediating role of psychological reactance. Communication Studies, 61(1), 46-69.

Feeley, T. H., Anker, A. E., Soriano, R., & Friedman, E. (2010). Using standardized patients to educate medical students about organ donation. Communication Education, 59(3), 249-262.

Feeley, T. H., Anker, A. E., Watkins, B., Rivera, J., Tag, N., & Volpe, L. (2009). A peer-to-peer campaign to promote organ donation among minority college students.  Journal of the National Medical Association, 101(11), 1154-1162.

Anker, A. E., Feeley, T. H., Friedman, E., & Kruegler, J. (2009). Teaching organ and tissue donation in medical and nursing education: A needs assessment. Progress in Transplantation, 19(4), 343-348.

Marshall, H. M., Reinhart, A. M., Feeley, T. H., Tutzauer, F., & Anker, A. (2008).  Comparing college students’ value-, outcome-, and impression-relevant involvement in health-related issues.  Health Communication, 23(2), 171-183.


Book Chapters

Anker, A. E., Feeley, T. H., Wang, H., & Hakim, S. (in press). Communicating with families about organ donation: Using positive deviance to improve authorization rates. In A. Singhal (Ed). The flip: The positive deviance approach to solving complex problems. Sage Publications.

Anker, A. E. (2013). Critical conversations: Organ Procurement Coordinators' interpersonal communication during donation requests. In M.A. Lauri (Ed.) Organ donation and transplantation: An interdisciplinary approach (pp. 189-222). Nova Science Publishing.

Anker, A. E., & Feeley, T. H. (2011). Using formative research to inform health campaign design: Promoting organ donation. Contemporary case studies in health communication: Theoretical and applied approaches (pp. 214-227). Dubuque, IA: KendallHunt.

Feeley, T. H., Anker, A. E., Williams, C. R., & Vincent, D. E. (2010). A multi-campus classroom intervention to promote organ and tissue donation (pp. 200-220).  In E. Alvaro & J. Siegel (Eds.). Understanding organ donation: Applied behavioral science perspectives. West Sussex, UK: Wiley-Blackwell.