Core Courses

Data Science

CSE 574: Intro Machine Learning

STA 521: Intro Theoretical Statisticas 1

STA 522: Intro Theoretical Statisticas 2

STA 534: Design of Experiments

STA 567: Bayesian Statistics

MAE 701 Special Topics: Bayesian Methods in Engineering Applications

CSE 704 Seminar: Big Data

CSE 740 Seminar: Big Data/Machine Learning

Applied Numerical Mathematics

MTH 539: Method of Applied Math 1

MTH 540: Method of Applied Math 2

MGF 636: Complex Fin Instruments

MAE 702 Seminar: Applied Functional Analysis

High Performance and Data Intensive Computing

MTH 563: Data-Oriented Computing for Mathematicians

CSE 570: Introduction to Parallel and Distributed Processing

CSE 587: Data Intensive Computing

CDA 609: High Performance Computing 1

CDA 610: High Performance Computing 2