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Q&A with Nikhil Sasidharan Pillai

Nikhil Sasidharan Pillai.

Nikhil Sasidharan Pillai
PhD Candidate, CDSE

What made you choose UB for your PhD?

UB is a premier research institution with state of the art facilities. As a researcher, it was a major criteria while deciding for PhD.

What do you like most about CDSE at UB?

CDSE provides a platform to perform Inter Disciplinary research.

What are you working on?

My research work entails the utilization of chaos synchronization techniques for estimation and tracking of physiological and pharmacological systems with emergent properties by exploring techniques that perform much better at both parameter value determination and response tracking than the typical stochastic estimators. This work is extended to the evaluation of model structure determination using machine-learning approaches such as hybrid genetic algorithms that encompasses both the composite fitness function and the true multi-objective approach that describes outcomes with applications in oncology, psychiatry and cardiovascular disease.

What is your vision for the future?

I am currently working on very exciting projects which explore the capabilities of data science within the pharmaceutical and drug development industries and I am very excited for the same.