UB in the News


Gino Biondini tells WBFO the eclipse is like nature putting a show on for us.


The open-ended nature of Trump's level of commitment seemed to suggest we'll be in Afghanistan for quite some time, Jacob Neiheisel tells CNBC.


Carole Emberton tells Mic today's divisions and demonstrations are an evolution of what came before.


Should Bills fans worry? Matthew DiPaola talks to the AP about Jordan Matthews' chest injury.


Carole Emberton tells USA Today white supremacist groups are part of an old tradition.


The only way the NFL can have a modicum of credibility, Nellie Drew tells the Bleacher Report, is if they hand cases to people on the outside and follow their recommendations.


Will Kinney explains to Mic how to recreate the solar eclipse at home. The key, he says, is to diffuse the light.


Politico reports on UB's new medical school building and the way it will transform the health care industry in Western New York and quotes Michael Cain.


Rick Su tells Bloomberg radio that this is all about a separation of power issue between the President and Congress.


NPR's Here & Now speaks with Mark Bartholomew about a new trend -- selling the naming rights for transit stations. Bartholomew highlights the dangers, saying the public entity loses control over who gets to be part of these deals.