College of Arts and Sciences

Undergraduate — Humanities and Social Sciences

This College of Arts and Sciences commencement ceremony is only for undergraduates in the following departments and programs: Anthropology, Asian Studies, Classics, Communication, Communicative Disorders & Sciences, Economics, English, Geography, Global Gender & Sexuality Studies, History, Jewish Thought, Linguistics, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Romance Languages & Literatures, Sociology, Special Studies, and Transnational Studies.


This ceremony is intended and scheduled only for undergraduates from the departments/programs listed above who have applied for graduation (degree) indicating one of the following graduation terms:

  • Summer 2019 (Sept. '19 degree conferral)
  • Fall 2019 (Feb. '20 degree conferral)
  • Spring 2020 (June '20 degree conferral)

Students should check with their advisors to make sure all degree requirements have been met.

Applied for Summer 2020 Grad Term?

You are a candidate for Sept. '20 degree conferral which is part of the next academic year. However, if you would prefer to participate in this year's ceremony instead, you can. By registering for this year's ceremony, your name will be announced; however, your name will NOT be printed in the program, since it only lists degree conferral candidates through the past academic year.

Applying for a Grad Term Later than Summer 2020?

Please join us next year for the Spring 2021 ceremony.


Registration for the commencement ceremony is separate from applying for graduation (degree). If you plan to participate in the commencement ceremony, you must register for it.

Registration Dates

Graduating students should please register online to participate in the ceremony. A registration link will be posted here on February 13. Registration Deadline: April 17.

Student Information

Once you have registered for the commencement ceremony, you will receive emails periodically throughout the semester. Last-minute details will be emailed by the Wednesday preceding the ceremony.

Accommodations for Individuals with Disabilities

  • Students: If you need accommodations to enable you to participate in a commencement ceremony, please include your request when you register for the ceremony. The coordinator of this ceremony will contact you to discuss and finalize your accommodation request. If the coordinator does not contact you at least two weeks before the ceremony, please contact the coordinator of the ceremony directly or the Office of Accessibility Resources.
  • Guests: The university is committed to providing equal access to individuals with disabilities, including physical access to events and reasonable accommodations for members of the university community. Please refer to the Accessibility for Guests webpage for additional information.

Recognition of Latin Honors

Students earning baccalaureate degrees (including those awarded as part of combined degrees) are eligible to receive Latin honors based on their UB cumulative grade point average (GPA) on the following scale:

Average (based on 4.0=A)

  • 3.20 — cum laude
  • 3.50 — magna cum laude
  • 3.75 — summa cum laude

To receive the Latin honors designation in the printed commencement programs, and to be eligible to wear the honorific gold cord (cum laude, magna and summa) during these ceremonies, candidates for the June degree conferral date must:

  • Qualify based upon their UB cumulative GPA through the winter intersession of that year, and projected UB credit hours through the spring semester of that year; standings for Latin honors may change once final grades are posted or degrees conferred.
  • Present a minimum of 60 credit hours of UB undergraduate coursework, at least 54 of which must be graded credits (i.e., not grades of 'P', 'S' or 'U').

This recognition is only intended for students who will have their degrees conferred in June, or have had their degrees conferred in the previous February or September.

The gold cords will be available for purchase ($12) at the University Bookstore on North Campus beginning April 21. Students must present their UB ID at time of purchase.

Recognition of Other Honors

Candidates for graduation are also encouraged to wear on their robes any insignia, emblems or pins signifying membership in honorary societies or academic organizations, or special honors received for academic or extracurricular activities.

Student Instructions for Commencement Day

  • Be sure to bring your cap, gown, hood and tassel with you. In the Tickets and Guest Information section below, please see the information marked "For Your Safety -- Prohibited Items." This information about security procedures and prohibited items applies to graduating students as well.
  • Enter Alumni Arena from Coventry Loop or Webster Road. Look for the door marked specifically for students, faculty and staff.
  • Report to the Edward Wright Practice Facility (Rm 76) on the ground level of Alumni Arena, 1.5 hrs prior to your ceremony start time. In this room, stop at the alphabetical check-in booth corresponding to your last name to check in and receive your name card which you will later give to the reader so your name can be announced. Further instructions will be given during this pre-ceremony period.

Tickets and Guest Information

Tickets Required to Enter Alumni Arena

This is a ticketed ceremony. All guests will need a ticket to enter Alumni Arena (the location for this ceremony). As a graduating student registers for the ceremony, they have the opportunity reserve up to SIX guest tickets.

Ticket Pick-Up

When a student registers for the ceremony, they will immediately receive a confirmation email listing date/time options for when they may pick up their tickets. Students must pick up their tickets in advance of commencement weekend, during dates/times specified in the confirmation email. The student will need to show their UB ID when they pick up their tickets.

No Extra Tickets Available

Unfortunately, we cannot provide additional tickets for this ceremony. Please plan accordingly.

Directions, Parking, Seating and Other Guest Info

The Guest Info section of this website has all the information your guests need to know about directions and parking, seating (including seating for children and infants), accessibility and visiting campus.

Guests Attending with Children

Children, toddlers and infants are welcome as guests at all commencement ceremonies but please review the guidelines below.

Tickets for Children and Infants

Ages 2+ Years Under 2 Years

For any ticketed ceremony, a guest ticket is required for children ages 2 and older.


Children younger than 2 years old need a guest ticket for any ticketed ceremony only if you are bringing a baby carrier or infant car seat carrier into the ceremony; the ticket is for the seat space that will be taken up by the carrier.


Strollers, Baby Carriers and Car Carriers

Baby strollers are not permitted in Alumni Arena. Baby carriers and infant car seat carriers are only allowed if you have a ticket for the seat space that will be taken up by the carrier.

Crying and Disruptive Children and Babies

If you are with a child who is talking, crying or moving around in a manner that is distracting to the ceremony, you may be asked to step outside the ceremony.

For Your Safety -- Prohibited Items

Information on prohibited items is forthcoming. Please check back.

Individual Names Announced

The name of each graduate participating in this ceremony will be announced. As each graduate comes forward, they will appear on the image magnification screens.

Many departments also schedule gatherings during the days leading up to and including commencement weekend. Please check directly with your department to see if any activities may be taking place in addition to your official commencement ceremony.

Sunday, May 17, 2020

3 p.m. - 5 p.m. 
Alumni Arena, UB North Campus

Ceremony Contact

Anne Mecca

Phone: (716) 645-1391


Caps/Tams, Gowns, Hoods and Tassels

Graduating students participating in commencement wear academic apparel. Order early to make sure you get the appropriate items on time.

Diplomas Mailed 6-8 Weeks After Conferral

The Office of the Registrar will mail your diploma to your permanent address approximately six to eight weeks after the conferral date. Students are responsible for making address changes; these should be made through your HUB Student Center to ensure that you receive your diploma.