The CMI provides access to world-class equipment, business support services, UB faculty, funding and incentive programs and much more.


"The reason we have been successful so far...all comes back to UB." 

- JP Folsgaard Bak,
Chairman of the Board, BAK USA

By engaging entrepreneurial faculty, fostering a culture of innovation and deploying the skills of UB researchers, entrepreneurs and partner institutions, the CMI is addressing industry’s material science challenges to create jobs to directly impact the region’s and state’s economies.
The CMI is a network of over 75 faculty members engaged in promising innovation with broad applications including new techniques for 3D printing of metals, safer and longer lasting hip implants, low–cost solar cells and much more.
At the heart of Buffalo’s life sciences hub, the CBLS can facilitate access to the vast resources available through our research partners.
Leading edge resources are available to life sciences companies and research institutions to take R&D to the next level, whether creating new discoveries or preparing a new or improved product or service for marketplace launch.
Businesses need capital to grow. The CBLS hosts the UB CAT program to provide project cost-sharing for product development and process improvement projects. We are also home to Start-UP NY tax-free space, as well as innovative grant programs. Let us help connect you with the vast resources that are available through the CBLS, our partners at UB, and others.
The Buffalo region is experiencing a rebirth and a new energy. Expanding UB’s core strengths in materials science and advanced manufacturing is a crucial part of New York State’s strategy to help new and existing businesses become more competitive through technological innovation.