The CMI delivers research excellence with an industry focus by driving innovation and R&D to grow critical industries such as advanced manufacturing, life sciences and energy.  Building on UB’s strengths in materials science and large-scale computing and data analytics, the CMI will accelerate discovery and the commercialization of innovative new materials.

CMI - A collaborative partner

In fact, UB leadership and materials science experts were integral to the Buffalo Billion Investment Development Plan recommendation to create the Buffalo Niagara Institute for Advanced Manufacturing Competitiveness, now known as Buffalo Manufacturing Works.

The Buffalo Manufacturing Works is one of the BBIDP’s signature initiatives designed  to support growth of the region’s manufacturing sector. This initiative culminated in a long-term, collaborative relationship between the CMI and EWI, the organization contracted by the Western New York Regional Economic Development Council to operate BMW. EWI is one of the world’s leading applied industrial research and development organizations, and they bring that proven track record of manufacturing success to Buffalo with the launch of BMW.

CMI at forefront of computationally-aided materials science

The CMI is steering some of the fastest-growing areas of study in the field:
  • Employing physic-chemical modeling, data analytics and machine learning in concert with sophisticated laboratory experiments
  • Accelerating scientific research that is helping to enable future technologies 
  • Creating less expensive, more efficient solar cells 
  • Smaller and more powerful batteries for applications from large-scale energy storage to implantable medical devices 
  • Devloping new nanomaterials for improved medical imaging and drug delivery
  • 10/25/17
    The CMI is committed to enabling our partners to compete globally through innovation. Advanced manufacturing encompasses both unique ways to manufacture existing products and the production of new products emerging from advanced technologies, particularly those supported by development of new materials.
  • 10/25/17
    The CMI connects UB and our Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus partners’ vast expertise in biosensors, drug delivery, bioimaging, batteries, and surface engineering technologies  to create and deploy novel medical devices and packaging, implantable cardio, endovascular, prosthetic and orthopedic devices  and new imaging approaches that will ultimately result in cheaper, faster and more efficient patient care while facilitating economic development.
  • 5/19/16
    The CMI is accelerating the invention, development and commercialization of emerging clean energy technologies. Activities range from improving efficiency and lowering the cost of solid-state lighting to “smart materials” for more energy efficient, lower-cost photovoltaics.  Beyond technological and commercial successes, these efforts are helping lower energy costs, reduce carbon emissions and promote a cleaner and more sustainable future.