START-UP NY Testimonials

STARTUP-NY approved company representatives with Director of Program Administration, Karen Utz.

Director of Program Administration Karen Utz (second from left) with START-UP NY approved company representatives 

Hear from companies who found success through the START-UP NY program through the University at Buffalo. 


JP Folsgaard Bak, Chairman of the Board, BAK USA

BAK USA logo.

“UB has done a great job. I have worked with universities before, and there is something about this university that really attracts you and makes you feel welcome. This is a home for us!” 

Cloud 62, Inc.

Raj Suchak, Founder, Cloud 62, Inc.

Cloud 62 logo.

“I’ve met some amazing people at UB…I mean in this my heart and soul; when you’re an entrepreneur and you wake up in the morning, there are good days and bad days…you need people to talk to. You need mentorship, you need guidance. You need people that you can trust. And it’s folks like that that you can just be open with and tell them your story and tell them your situation and they’re the people that provide you with the guidance. They’re the people that make the connections. That’s huge for an entrepreneur."

HeadsUp Display

Brendon Dever, CEO, Heads Up Display

CEO of Heads Up Display, Brendon Dever.

“In a think tank here with Chris Janson,  [Chris] came up with the idea of using our Heads Up Display for industrial safety. We began to run with that idea and [we] received an opportunity for a grant fund through the Office of Economic Development, sponsored by National Grid.  [This] gave us the funding  to create our first, real prototype…As we continued to gain traction, do research and find market fit, we were then eligible for UB CAT funding. [The UB CAT grant] enabled us to continue to iterate and create a true product platform that we now have today… HeadsUp Display truly exists because of the efforts that you [UB] have been able to provide us.”