Co-Funded Projects

Lab of 2016-2017 project recipient Paschalis Alexandridis, PhD, UB Distinguished Professor, Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering 

The CMI has awarded over $200K to fund innovative faculty and industry partnerships with commercial potential since 2015. Some of UB's top scientists are at the helm of these exciting innovations and will continue their life-changing work with industry support.  

For more information on co-funded projects, contact

Christopher Janson
Business Development Executive

Funding Eligibility

To be eligible for funding through the CMI, UB faculty must submit a brief proposal, accompanied by an industry letter of support, to be scored by a team of experts on four criteria:

  1. Technology
  2. Industry Interest & Commitment
  3. Funding Impact
  4. Relevance to Materials Informatics

2016-2017 Awardees

The projects include:

“Development of a drag-reducing xerogel-type coating for watercraft”

  • Who: Professor Michael Detty, PhD, department of chemistry
  • Industry Collaborator: Integument Technologies
  • Summary: Researchers will develop a unique coating technology that will reduce the drag (friction) between a boat hull and water, which will result in faster hull speeds, increased fuel efficiency and greater range.
  • Award: $40,000


“Advancing the Science of Electrical Stimulation Therapy: A Collaboration with Garwood Medical Devices”

  • Who: Professor Edward Furlani, PhD, department of chemical and biological engineering and department of electrical engineering and Assistant Professor Mark Ehrensberger, PhD, department of biomedical engineering and adjunct assistant professor, department of mechanical and aerospace engineering
  • Industry Collaborator: Garwood Medical Devices, LLC
  • Summary: An experimental and modeling effort to study electrostimulation using metals and metal alloys to understand the principles of biofilm eradication in prosthetic implants, resulting in research that could lead to improved infection control methods.
  • Award: $40,000


“Development of flexible sensors for extreme environmental conditions”

  • Who: Assistant Professor Jung-Hun Seo, PhD, department of materials design and innovation
  • Industry Collaborator: ENrG, Inc.
  • Summary: This project will develop methods and procedures for producing flexible sensors on ceramic substrates that are no greater than 40 micrometers thick, and can detect high-intensity ultraviolet light without degrading and measure temperatures higher than 400 degrees Celsius.
  • Award: $36,000


“Engineering Graphene Tubes for Advanced Carbon Supports for Fuel Cell Applications”

  • Who: Assistant Professor Gang Wu, PhD, department of chemical and biological engineering
  • Industry Collaborator: Bettergy Corporation
  • Summary:  The applied research will develop novel materials for fuel cell applications with greatly enhanced corrosion resistance.
  • Award: $27,000


“Solution and Surface Properties of Fluorinated Surfactants”

  • Who: UB Distinguished Professor Paschalis Alexandridis, PhD, department of chemical and biological engineering
  • Industry Collaborator: Honeywell
  • Summary: This research will focus on the design of fluorinated surfactant molecules that are integral to a range of products. The research may lead to fluorocarbon-containing functional products that are better in terms of environment and health impact than current products.
  • Award: $36,000

Past Project Awardees