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students at poster session

2013 participants: Kathia M. from Chemistry (iSEED), Tekeydra L. from Pharmacology and Toxicology (CLIMB PRO), and Carmen M. and Oumou K. from Public Health and Health Professions (iSEED).

The Institute for the Strategic Enhancement of Educational Diversity (iSEED) is focused on excellence in education, engagement in research, mentoring and enhancement of professional development central to the UB mission.

Summer stipends are available to talented undergraduate students to participate in a variety of research activities in STEM disciplines. iSEED Scholars will participate in CLIMB UP activities, and in many cases, in summer research activities of the school or department where their mentors are housed. 

Recent iSEED Mentors

Dr. John Panepinto

A Role of Puf4 in the Unconventional Splicing of HXL1 mRNA in Cryptococcus neoformans

iSEED Summer Scholar: Ashley Rivera Rodriguez, University of Puerto Rico at Arecibo

Dr. Jun-Xu Li

Depletion of D2 Receptors via Intracerebroventricular Injection to Determine Impulsiveness in Rats

iSEED Summer Scholar: Courtney Turner, Clark Atlanta University

Dr. Luis Colon

Study of Photoluminescencent Properties of Graphene Quantum Dots Through Passivation Reactions

iSEED Summer Scholar: Kathia Molina Carasquillo, University of Puerto Rico, Cayey

Dr. Bernard Weinstein
A Quantitative Test of Raman Scattering Selection Rules in Crystals

iSEED Summer Scholar: Alyssa Yaeger, UB

Dr. Mira Edgerton

Induction of MAPK Pathways During Morphogenesis in Candida albicans

iSEED Summer Scholar: Adelaeda Barrera, UT Brownsville

Dr. Stefan Ruhl

Bacterial Adhesion on Saliva-Coated Silicon Model Surfaces

iSEED Summer Scholar: Kendall Sands, Morehouse College

Dr. Robin Lally

Supporters' Psychological Adjustment to Breast Cancer: A Review of Published Intervention Studies

iSEED Summer Scholar: Catherine Brooks, D'Youville College

Dr. Carla Jungquist

Validation of CamNtech Pro-Diary

iSEED Summer Scholar: John Pender, UB

Jennifer Zirnheld

Enhancement of Induction and Synchronous Motor Fault Simulation Modules for Integrated Protective Relay Assessment

iSEED Summer Scholar: Akeem Francis, UB

Dr. Kevin Burke

Development of Transmission Line Fault Simulation Modules for Accurate Configuration of Real-World Smart Grid Ground and Distance Relay Protection Scenarios

iSEED Summer Scholar: Michael Singletary, UB

Dr. Marilyn Morris

Transporter Expression in Human Tissue and Cell Lines

iSEED Summer Scholar: Genevieve Stever, UB

Dr. Sathy Balu-Iyer

The Effects of Vitamin A on the Migration of Dendritic Cells Towards CCL21

iSEED Summer Scholar: Jennifer Green, Cameron Universitybalu

Loss-of-Function Genetic Screens in Human Cells Identify Genetic Factors that Contribute to the Chemo-resistance in Cancer Patients to Velcade (Brotezomib) Treatment

iSEED Summer Scholar: Oumou Keita, Rutgers University

Cytochrome P-450 (CYP) Variants as Potential Biomarkers of Sensitivity to Chlorpyrifos

iSEED Summer Scholar: Carmen Marable, North Carolina A&T University