CLIMB Undergraduate Biomedical Informatics and Data Science (UBIDS) is a brand NEW division of CLIMB-UP. We seek a diverse group of undergraduates to participate in an outstanding laboratory research experience and intensive bioinformatics and data science skills course as they prepare for an advanced graduate degree and a future career in biomedical informatics, data science, and related disciplines.

Interior of the Center of Excellence in Bioinformatics.

Center of Excellence in Bioinformatics, COE


Timeline for CLIMB UBIDS Fellows:

  • Students will be paired with a UB faculty mentor who will get in touch soon after acceptance
  • Mentors will provide title/abstract of research project, and will send journal articles to read to prepare students for research  in their lab

Overview of CLIMB UBIDS Activities

  • Attend Bioinformatics and Data Science Skills Course 
  • Conduct research in a mentor's lab in various areas of biomedical informatics and data science
  • Attend weekly BIOSTEM lecture
  • Attend research communications workshops with peer mentors to work on posters and oral presentations
  • Present poster and/or presentation at Research Days 
  • Complete evaluation at end of summer