Recent CLIMB PRO Mentors

Each year, students are placed with mentors whose interests align closely with their own, so our mentors change regularly. However, you are welcome to request to work with any of these faculty in your application, and we will try to make you a perfect match!

Lucy Mastrandrea, MD, PhD.

Lucy Mastrandrea, MD, PhD
Department of Pediatrics 

Student Mentee
Kathleen Sellick (2013) 

Daniel Antonius, PhD.

Daniel Antonius, PhD
Department of Psychiatry

Student Mentee
Aaliyah Gibbons (2015) 

Te-Chung Lee, PhD.

Te-Chung Lee, PhD
Department of Biochemistry (Cardiology-focused)

Student Mentees
Godstime Okundaye (2017)
Gabriel Gomez-Chaves (2016)
Angelica Rivera Rosa (2015) 

Supriya Mahajan, MD, PhD.

Supriya D. Mahajan, MD, PhD
Department of Medicine (Endocrinology)

Student Mentees
Taylor Meciszewski (2018)
Elizabeth Quaye (2016)
Courtney Mangum (2015)

Laurene Tumiel Berhalter, PhD.

Laurene Tumiel Berhalter, PhD
Department of Family Medicine

Student Mentee
Jacob Milling (2015) 

Lixin Zhu, PhD.

Lixin Zhu, PhD
Department of Pediatrics

Student Mentees
Kiam Preston (2017)
Martin Sandoval (2016)
Aswad Jackson (2015) 

Xiaozhong Wen, PhD.

Xiaozhong Wen, PhD
Department of Pediatrics

Student Mentees
Jalisa Kelly (2016)
Aliyah Glover (2015) 

Hong Xue, PhD.

Hong Xue, PhD
Department of Epidemiology and Environmental Health 

Student Mentee
Kisa Harris (2014) 

Teresa Danforth, MD.

Teresa Danforth, MD
Department of Urology

Student Mentee
Ky'ara Carr (2016) 

James Jarvis, MD.

James Jarvis, MD
Department of Pediatrics 

Student Mentees
Garfield Walker (2016)
Erica Poe (2014)
Kaila Epps (2013) 

Stanley Fernandez, MD, PhD.

Stanley Fernandez, MD, PhD
Department of Medicine 

Student Mentees
Henry Uran, Jr. (2014)
Jesus Enriquez (2013) 

M. Laura Feltri, MD.

M. Laura Feltri, MD
Department of Biochemistry 

Student Mentees
Agnele Sewa (2017)
Clementine Namba (2014) 

Jessy Alexander, PhD.

Jessy Alexander, PhD
Department of Medicine 

Student Mentees
Breanna Hodges (2018)
Suleiman Abdulkadir (2016)
Maria Ritchie (2014) 

Thomas Russo, MD.

Thomas Russo, MD
Department of Medicine 

Student Mentee
Brandon Anhalt (2013) 

David Shucard, PhD.

David Shucard, PhD
Department of Neurology 

Student Mentee
Rushell Dixon (2013) 

Rajendram Rajnaryanan, PhD.

Rajendram Rajnarayanan, PhD
Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology 

Student Mentees
Angel Garcia (2016)
Tekeydra Lee (2013) 

Roberto Diaz Del Carpio, MD.

Roberto Diaz Del Carpio, MD

Department of Medicine

Student Mentees
Elizabeth Quaye (2018)
Justin Harvey (2017)

Jason Davies, MD, PhD.

Jason Davies, MD, PhD

Department of Neurosurgery

Student Mentees
Marvellous Oke (2018)
Nathan Greene (2017)

Umesh Sharma, MD, PhD.

Umesh Sharma, MD, PhD

Department of Medicine

Student Mentees
Jazmine Baylor (2018)
Coral Sanchez-Malave (2017)

Jason Muhitch, PhD.

Jason Muhitch, PhD

Department of Urology 

Student Mentee
Dorian Frazier (2017)