CLIMB UP Media Gallery

Here is a look at CLIMB UP happenings, from 2009 to the present. 

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CLIMB Picnic

2018 CLIMB UP Picnic

Reinstein Woods

2018 Students at Reinstein Woods Nature Preserve


2018 CTRC Day

2018 Orientation

2018 CLIMB UP student at Orientation

2018 Students - Cave of the winds

2018 Students on the Cave of the Winds

2018 CLIMB UP Picnic

Water balloon toss at the 2018 CLIMB UP Picnic

2016 Students on the Cave of the Winds

2016 Students on the Cave of the Winds

Students in lab

2017 Students in the lab course

2017 Summer Research Day

2017 Summer Research Day

Bisons scoreboard

2015 CLIMB UP welcomed at the Buffalo Bisons game 

students at Ride For Roswell

2015 students at the Ride For Roswell

2016 Orientation

2016 Orientation

2013 CLIMB UP students visiting Reinstein Woods Nature Preserve

2013 Reinstein Wood Nature Preserve trip

Students at Allentown Art Festival

Students from the 2014 checking out the Allentown Art Festival

Students at summer picnic

2014 Students at the summer picnic

students-niagara falls

Niagara Falls trip 2012.

students- 2012- baseball game

2012 Fellows at the Buffalo Bisons' baseball game

students- stairs- research day

2012 Fellows at the Summer Research Day at Hauptmann Woodward Institute in Downtown Buffalo


2011 Fellows following their final research presentations


Candace Key (CLIMB UP 2011) discusses her research poster with Biochemistry professor Gail Willsky.

Donteeno- canoe- picnic

Donteeno Todd, CLIMB UP Fellow 2011 and 2012, canoeing during the CLIMB UP Picnic

CLIMB UP 2015 Video Presentation produced by Dian Lin 

Annual UB Summer Research Program Tour of the Clinical and Translational Research Center (June 21, 2013).