CLIMB-HI Program Details

The CLIMB-HI program is a professional development program designed to mentor PhD students and introduce them to the skills they will need as professional scientists. It is a 2-year program that students complete in addition to other graduate program requirements.


CLIMB scholars participate in weekly workshops during the first 2 years of their PhD program. These workshops are designed to help students get a successful start to graduate school and eventually secure funding by submitting a training grant. The workshops are led by the CLIMB leadership, but peer-review and mentoring are essential components as well.

The Professional Development Catalyst Series

Fall Semester 1st Year

This workshop will cover topics to help students transition to graduate school and develop professional skills that will help them become successful scientists. Topics include: Adaptation to learning in grad school, finding a mentor, research rotations, lab skills, keeping records, searching databases, how to read and critique a scientific paper.

Make an Impact: From Hypothesis to Publication

Spring Semester 1st Year

At these workshops CLIMB scholars will practice peer-reviewing each other’s manuscripts, presentations, reports, abstracts, and will learn how to develop hypothesis driven questions.

Scientific Communication for Success

Fall & Spring Semester, 2nd Year

This workshop intended to focus on research proposal writing. Students will be guided through the process of hypothesis-driven proposal development leading to completion of an NRSA-type research grant that could be submitted for funding. Students will be introduced to the grant review process as well as to responding to manuscript reviews. Fellowship applications will be reviewed at mock study sections.