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University at Buffalo

UB Academic Schedule: Summer 2020

This information is updated nightly. Additional information about this course, including real-time course data, prerequisite and corequisite information, is available to current students via the HUB Student Center, which is accessible via MyUB.

Departments may offer courses in many different sessions. The majority of summer courses are offered in the following sessions: Six Week-First, Six Week-Second, Six Week-Third and Twelve Week. You may want to begin your search for courses in these sessions.


 Courses for 'Nursing Graduate Core'
21 Courses  
  Class   Course   Title   Section   Type   Days   Time   Room   Location   Instructor (*) additional instructors   Status
  11305   NGC 501LEC   Conceptual Foundations   01   LEC   TBA    TBA   Remote   Remote    Kelly, M A   Open
  11306   NGC 504LEC   Dnp Bridge: Epidemiology   01   LEC   TBA    TBA   Remote   Remote    Lindstrom, H A   Closed
  11611   NGC 518LEC   Health Promotion   02   LEC   TBA    TBA   Remote   Remote    Grinslade, M S   Open
  12962   NGC 518LEC   Health Promotion   03   LEC   TBA    TBA   Remote   Remote    Sands, J M   Open w/ Reserves
  11308   NGC 520SEM   Scientific Writing   01   SEM   TBA    TBA   Remote   Remote    Grinslade, M S   Open
  11618   NGC 520SEM   Scientific Writing   02   SEM   TBA    TBA   Remote   Remote    Campbell, N   Closed
  11309   NGC 574LAB   Adv Health Assess Child   01   LAB   W    9:00 AM - 1:00 PM   Remote   Remote    Haas, M S   Open
  11310   NGC 576LAB   Adv Health Assessment   01   LAB   M    9:00 AM - 11:50 AM   Remote   Remote    Montgomery, C A    * Oldenburg, M   Open
  11311   NGC 599SEM   Project Or Thesis Guidance   01   SEM   TBA    TBA   ARR   South Campus    Staff   Open
  11338   NGC 600TUT   Independent Study   CHA   TUT   TBA    TBA   Remote   Remote    Chang, Y   Open
  13156   NGC 600TUT   Independent Study   HEW   TUT   TBA    TBA   Remote   Remote    Hewner, S J   Open
  12520   NGC 600TUT   Independent Study   JUN   TUT   TBA    TBA   Remote   Remote    Jungquist, C R   Open
  13220   NGC 600TUT   Independent Study   LOR   TUT   TBA    TBA   Remote   Remote    Lorenz, R   Open
  11322   NGC 625LEC   Patho For Apn I   01   LEC   TBA    TBA   Remote   Remote    Ledwin, E    * Lindner, P A   Open
  11323   NGC 632LEC   Intrprtng Hlth Cre Policy   01   LEC   TBA    TBA   Remote   Remote    Dickerson, S S    * Spulecki, C A   Open
  11758   NGC 692SEM   Seminar In Grantsmanship   01   SEM   TBA    TBA   Remote   Remote    Campbell, N   Closed
  11325   NGC 725LAB   Adv Dnp Clinical Prac I   01   LAB   TBA    TBA   ARR   Off Campus (US Only)    * Paplham, P D    * Sessanna, L    * Chang, Y   Open
  11326   NGC 726LAB   Adv Dnp Clinical Prac Ii   01   LAB   TBA    TBA   ARR   Off Campus (US Only)    Sessanna, L    * Campbell, N   Open
  11327   NGC 798SEM   Dnp Project Course I   01   SEM   TBA    TBA   Remote   Remote    Staff    * Sessanna, L   Open
  Class   Course   Title   Section   Type   Days   Time   Room   Location   Instructor (*) additional instructors   Status
  12225   NGC 798SEM   Dnp Project Course I   PSTM   SEM   TBA    TBA   Remote   Remote    Staff   Open
  11328   NGC 799SEM   Dnp Project Course Ii   01   SEM   TBA    TBA   Remote   Remote    Staff    * Sessanna, L   Open