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UB Academic Schedule: Summer 2021

This information is updated nightly. Additional information about this course, including real-time course data, prerequisite and corequisite information, is available to current students via the HUB Student Center, which is accessible via MyUB.

Departments may offer courses in many different sessions. The majority of summer courses are offered in the following sessions: Six Week-First, Six Week-Second, Six Week-Third and Twelve Week. You may want to begin your search for courses in these sessions.

 Courses for 'Educational Leadership &policy'
27 Courses  
  Class   Course   Title   Section   Type   Days   Time   Room   Location   Instructor (*) additional instructors   Status
  12861   ELP 524TUT   Supervised Prof Experience   0   TUT   TBA    TBA      Remote    Daun-Barnett   Open
  13013   ELP 539SEM   Topics-Readings On Coll Stu Success   0   SEM       Multiple meeting patterns.   See class detail       Daun-Barnett   Open
  11588   ELP 606SEM   Chg Soc Contxts For Ed Ld   A   SEM   M T W R F    1:00 PM - 3:50 PM   Remote   Remote    Baxley   Open
  11817   ELP 607SEM   Sch & Dist Cap Bldg   A   SEM   R    7:00 PM - 9:40 PM   Baldy 479   North Campus    Ramirez   Open
  12919   ELP 607SEM   Sch & Dist Cap Bldg   BPS   SEM   TBA    TBA   Remote   Remote    Nigro-Lawrence   Open
  10905   ELP 625SEM   Studies In Educ Ldrship   A   SEM   M T W R F    9:00 AM - 11:50 AM   Baldy 479   North Campus    Ramming   Open
  12148   ELP 630SEM   Leading & Managing People   0   SEM   M    5:00 PM - 7:50 PM   Remote   Remote    Stone-Johnson   Open
  12920   ELP 647SEM   Ed Plan, Budg & Data Anal   BPS   SEM   TBA    TBA   Remote   Remote    * Bullock   Open
  10057   ELP 658SEM   Clinical Seminar Interns   X   SEM   R    4:10 PM - 6:50 PM   Baldy 479   North Campus    Ramming   Open
  12862   ELP 660TUT   Individual Clinical Instr   0   TUT   TBA    TBA   Remote   Remote    Ramming   Open
  12921   ELP 664SEM   Teacher Eval And Supervision   BPS   SEM   TBA    TBA   Remote   Remote    Wright   Open
  12536   ELP 677SEM   Lding Curr & Instruc Imprvmnt   0   SEM   TBA    TBA   Remote   Remote    Karalis Noel   Closed
  12840   ELP 686SEM   Top:-Race, Racism, And Undocu/daca   0   SEM   T R    4:00 PM - 7:00 PM   Remote   Remote    Santa-Ramirez   Open
  10953   ELP 700TUT   Indiv Guidnc Project   KIM   TUT   TBA    TBA   Baldy 475   North Campus    Kim   Open
  11264   ELP 702TUT   Indiv Guidnc Dissertation   ICS   TUT   TBA    TBA   Baldy 473   North Campus    Stone-Johnson   Open
  10285   ELP 702TUT   Indiv Guidnc Dissertation   IDB   TUT   TBA    TBA   Baldy 468   North Campus    Daun-Barnett   Open
  10121   ELP 702TUT   Indiv Guidnc Dissertation   ILW   TUT   TBA    TBA   Baldy 430   North Campus    Weis   Open w/ Reserves
  10178   ELP 702TUT   Indiv Guidnc Dissertation   IML   TUT   TBA    TBA   ARR   North Campus    Lemke   Open
  11245   ELP 702TUT   Indiv Guidnc Dissertation   IMS   TUT   TBA    TBA   Baldy 473   North Campus    Sallee   Open
  Class   Course   Title   Section   Type   Days   Time   Room   Location   Instructor (*) additional instructors   Status
  11265   ELP 702TUT   Indiv Guidnc Dissertation   ISJ   TUT   TBA    TBA   Baldy 486   North Campus    Jacobson   Open
  11499   ELP 703TUT   Independent Study   IDB   TUT   TBA    TBA      North Campus    Daun-Barnett   Open
  10322   ELP 703TUT   Independent Study   IHAN   TUT   TBA    TBA   Baldy 431   North Campus    Han   Open
  11522   ELP 703TUT   Independent Study   IML   TUT   TBA    TBA   Baldy 470   North Campus    Lemke   Open
  11898   ELP 703TUT   Independent Study   IMS   TUT   TBA    TBA   Baldy 473   North Campus    Sallee   Open
  10654   ELP 703TUT   Independent Study   IRP   TUT   TBA    TBA   Baldy 482   North Campus    Pope   Open
  10640   ELP 703TUT   Independent Study   ITR   TUT   TBA    TBA   Baldy 484   North Campus    Ramming   Open
  13080   ELP 703TUT   Independent Study   IWU   TUT   TBA    TBA      North Campus    Wu   Open