Poster Presentations

The 2021 Celebration of Student Academic Excellence Poster Presentations were held virtually via Zoom on April 21, 2021.

Room 1

Galago Nasal Cavity Morphology

Milena Romano, Anthropology

A geometric morphometric analysis of the primate clavicle

Kevin Klier, Anthropology

A Known Unknown and the Materiality of Loss: Problematizing Etruscan (Dis)continuities during the Early Roman Conquest

Elisabeth Woldeyohannes, Classics

Room 2

Induction mechanisms of auditory nerve synaptic plasticity

Nicole Wong, Biological Sciences

The Parkinson's disease proteins LRRK2 in axonal transport

Naomi Lazurus, Biological Sciences

Investigating the functionality of Opy2 Cystine-Rich region in fMAPK pathway in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Sam Zheng, Biological Sciences

Room 3

Helping During the COVID-19 Pandemic: The Effect of Psychological Distance

Jody Chin Sing Wong, Communication

The Forms, Frequencies, and Effectiveness of Online Social Support Solicitation Strategies for Weight Loss

Kyle Heneveld, Communication
Alexandra Vuich, Communication
Matthew Volmer, Communication
Jacob Shornick, Communication
Stephanie Lyons, Communication
Christopher Dobmeier, Communication

The effects of expressing gratitude on social competency, social attractiveness, and social ties

Jacob Shornick, Communication
Matthew Volmer, Communication
Alexandra Vuich, Communication
Stephanie Lyons, Communication
Kyle Heneveld, Communication
William Przysinda, Communication
Christopher Dobmeier, Communication

Room 4

UB Dance Social Media

Ava Lovsin, Theatre and Dance

Be Alright

Jacqueline Cherry, Theatre and Dance

Room 5

Home and Away: A Virtual Dance Concert

Stephanie Avila, Dance
Alexis Corletta, Dance
Kelsey Wegman, Dance

"Everybody" Video Production

Timothy Wildow, Theatre and Dance

Home and Away

Rebecca Stock, Theatre and Dance
Francisca Losada Hernandez, Design and Technical Theatre
Samantha Tilley, Dance
Homeria Lubin, Dance

Room 6

ER Stress Impairs the Axonal Movement of Cargo Containing ER-resident Proteins

Taylor Campbell, Biological Sciences
Thomas Krzystek, Biological Sciences

Identifying the Impact of Vocal Hygienic Advice on the Voice of University Lecturers

Francesca D'Alessandro, Communicative Disorders and Sciences
Nicole Feeley, Speech Language Pathology

Sustainability Vs. Nationalism: How American Exceptionalism Replicates White Supremacy and Compromises Social Sustainability

Isabell Van Patten, Environment and Sustainability

Room 7

Hope Revival Children's Organization Website Re-Design

Adam Dounane, Communication

Masks for the World: Karachi, Pakistan

Sakina Zehra, Biological Sciences
Helen Wu, Business Administration
Nicole Stasio, Health and Human Services

Room 8

An efficient ranking of edges according to their impact on graph von Neumann entropy

Jeremy Kazimer, Math and Physics

COVID-19 impacts on domestic airline network via multilayer analysis

Mengyuan Sun, Mathematics

Synthesis of Doped 2D Transition Metal Chalcogenide

Randy Soldevilla, Physics

Room 9

Chalcogenide perovskite - a class of new semiconductors for energy applications

Xiucheng Wei, Physics
Haolei Hui, Physics
Yixiong Zheng, Material Science

The Wonder of 2D Magnets

Austin Marga, Physics

Adversarial Neural Networks at the Large Hadron Collider

Sarah Brown, Physics

Room 10

Humbling the powerful and empowering the powerless: The effects of awe on social power

Stephanie Stewart-Hill, Psychology

Effects of Music Training on Singing Accuracy, Working Memory, Auditory Imagery & Pitch Perception

David Vollweiler, Psychology

A Conceptual Overview of a Project Analyzing Patterns of Electronic Cigarette (E-Cigarette) Use under Free Access Conditions

Lovina John, Psychology

Room 11

Examining factors that influence the association between social competence and forms of aggression in early childhood

Julia Kiefer, Psychology

The Therapeutic Efficacy of Ayahuasca, Ketamine, and MDMA for Treating Depression and PTSD: A Meta-Analysis

Dylan Schaefer, Psychology

A Correlational Analysis of College Men's Characteristics and Their Impressions of a Written Social Scenario

Sarah Ardalan, Psychology

Room 12

The Effects of Speaker-Induced Inferences on Novel Word Learning in Adults

Mariam Shafik, Psychology
Avery Malone, Psychology

Optimizing the Effectiveness of Role Models by Matching First-Generation Student Status and Revealing Successes and Failures

Hector Sosa, Psychology

Examining parent stress and child schooling/care location as predictors of restaurant-related behaviors during the COVID-19 pandemic

Juliana Goldsmith, Pediatrics

Room 13

ePortfolio Presentation

Cassondra Lyman, Psychology

UB Capstone Project

Srikrithi Krishnan, Psychology and Public Health

The Moderating Role of Emotion Regulation and Anxiety on Associations Between Hyperactivity/Impulsivity, Inattention, and the Forms of Aggression in Early Childhood

Ariana DeJesus-Rodriguez, Psychology

Room 14

The Influence of Treatment Integrity on Student Knowledge Gain

Margaret Manges, Counseling School and Educational Psychology

Contextual Understanding of Literacy Skills of Language-Minoritized Bilinguals: A Cross-Country Comparative Study

Eunjee Jang, Learning and Instruction

Room 15

Effects of Prohibitin-Modulating Drug, Sulfonamidine 1m, on Peripheral Nervous System Myelination

Umair Syed, Biochemistry

Implementation of a Novel Intersectional Viral Tracing Technique To Characterize Dopamine Projection Neurons of the Olfactory Tubercle

Ryan Pauly, Biotechnical and Clinical Laboratory Sciences

Peripheral Inhibition of Nociceptor Endocytosis Attenuates Inflammatory Pain Behaviors in Rodents

Rasheen Powell, Pharmacology and Toxicology

Room 16

Examining Parenting Sensitivity during a Parent-Child Interaction among INSIGHT Study Participants at Child Age 6 Years

Adwoa Dadzie, Pediatrics

RNA Sequencing reveals age-driven changes in neutrophil transcriptional profiles in response to S. pneumoniae infection

Lauren Heinzinger, Microbiology and Immunology

Macrophages Expressing GALC Improve Peripheral Krabbe Disease by a Mechanism Independent of Cross-Correction

Nadav Weinstock, Neuroscience

Room 17

Identification of Histone Methyltransferase SMYD3 and E3 Ligase Fbxo2 as Novel Targets for Treating Cognitive Impairment of Alzheimer's Disease

Jamal Williams, Neuroscience

Temperamental negative reactivity, eating, and weight outcomes in young children: An updated systematic review of the literature

Sara Tauriello, Pediatrics
Elizabeth Kubiniec, Spanish

Child Inhibitory Control Predicts Weight Outcomes in the INSIGHT Cohort

Elizabeth Kubiniec, Pediatrics
Sara Tauriello, Clinical Pyschology

Room 18

Implementing a Remote Grocery Shopping Intervention Designed to Improve Adherence to a Diabetic Diet

Sherey Tan, Pediatrics 
Lindsay Lassetter, Biomedical Sciences
Sarah Bargnesi, Biomedical Sciences

The Effects of Chronic Oral Methylphenidate and Fluoxetine Exposure on Behavior

Madison McCarthy, Pharmacology and Toxicology
Samantha Watts, Biomedical Sciences

An Identification of the Effects of Neuropeptide S in Female Mice

Paula Costa, Pharmacology and Toxicology

Room 19

Two neurodevelopmental risk factors affect convergent functional pathways

Megan Conrow-Graham, Physiology and Biophysics

pH dependence of SLC4A11 proton-conductance in Xenopus oocytes

Bianca Quade, Physiology and Biophysics

A mixed methods study examining neighborhood disadvantage and childhood behavior problems in Montevideo, Uruguay

Seth Frndak, Epidemiology and Environmental Health

Room 20

Acquired resistance to PD-L1 inhibition is associated with an enhanced type I IFN-stimulated secretory program in tumor cells

Yuhao Shi, Experimental Therapeutics

G-protein Coupled Receptors in Cancer Progression

Kathryn Maraszek, Pharmacology

Stem cell-derived therapy dampens the pro-inflammatory monocyte response

Kyle Mentkowski, Biomedical Engineering

Room 21

EHF is a Master Transcriptional Regulator of Key Members of the Redox Pathway and Predicts Patient Prognosis in HNSCC

Akinsola Oyelakin, Oral Biology

Histatin 5 dimerization by zinc promotes membrane disruption in C. albicans

Hannah Norris, Oral Biology

A novel approach to inhibit bone resorption: bone-targeted delivery of heparan sulfate

Xiaoxiao Zhang, Oral Biology

Room 22

Mechanomorphology of Polyurethane based Bridged Collodial Gels

Simran Kumar, Biomedical Engineering
Cesar Ramirez, Biomedical Engineering

Decellularized Human Lung Extracellular Matrix Hydrogels for Disease Modelling

Donia Ahmed, Biomedical Engineering
Pooja Nargunde, Biomedical Engineering

Bio-Inspired Ray for Extreme Environments and Zonal Exploration (BREEZE)

Matthew Thornton, Mechanical Engineering

Room 23

Domestic Violence & Intimate Partner Violence During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Peter Farruggia, Clinical Legal Education
Lindsay Lougen, Law 

'Roper's' Unfinished Business: A New Approach to Young Offender Death Penalty Eligibility

Nichole Austin, Law

Legal Name Changes for Trans Individuals: The Difference a Lawyer Can Make in Assisting with Gender Affirmation

Elias Schmidt, Law

Room 24

Sports, Sun, and Service in Out-of-Home Advertising

Gabrielle Silverstein, Business Administration

The impact of macro-faultlines amid the COVID-19 pandemic

Huiru (Evangeline) Yang, Organization and Human Resources

Room 25

Exploring Business in Austin, Texas

Quinton Reeb, Business Administration
Sarah Berkowitz, Business Administration
Robert Siegel, Business Administration

The Costs and Benefits of Fitting in: The Double-edged Sword of Racial Mindfulness for Minority Employees

Kalan Norris, Organization and Human Resources

The Effect of Chronic and Acute Stress on Reinforcement Pathology

Amanda Crandall, Community Health and Health Behavior

Room 26

Aging Behind Bars - The impact of space and architecture on older incarcerated individuals in U.S. prisons

Madeleine Niepceron, Architecture


Allison Faux, Architecture
Blayne Burnside, Architecture

Fear Has a Place in America: Expressions of Gun Culture on White Domestic Space

Jenna Herbert, Architecture

Room 27

Exploring the Potential of Design to Create Equitable Food Access in Corner Stores of Buffalo, NY

Rosanna Valencia, Architecture


Andrew Callard, Architecture
Jacob Hutton, Architecture

Retying the Knot: the Kensington Urban Hamlet

Charles Wingfelder, Architecture and Urban Planning
Shashi Varun, Architecture
Karsten Brooks, Urban Planning
Bhalendu Gautam, Architecture

Room 28

Planning Sustainable Agroecological Initiatives in K-12 Public Schools in Puerto Rico

Carol E. Gerena, Urban and Regional Planning

Immigrants and Food: Role of Ethnic Markets in Transforming and Leveraging the Food System

Claire Finnerty, Urban and Regional Planning

Willert Park Courts - A.D. Price Homes: A Study of People and Placemaking

Siera Rogers, Urban Planning
Jay Schwartzkopf, Real Estate Development
Vanhnida Chanthavong, Real Estate Development
Grace Celik, Urban Planning
Elnaz Zargham Koranlou, Real Estate Development
Mohammad Siam, Real Estate Development
Libertad Figuereo, Urban Planning
Brianna Byandagara, Real Estate Development
Rakshanda Nagaraj, Urban Planning
Ethan Fogg, Real Estate Development

Room 29

Collaborative Funding Models Can Increase Food Equity: A Case Study and Lessons Learned from the Community Food System Grant

Micaela Lipman, Urban and Regional Planning

Smallholder Resistance and Resilience in a Neoliberal India: A study of sub-national agricultural market policy in Kerala State

Lanika Sanders, Urban and Regional Planning

Large Aperture Experimental Characterization of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Acoustic Field

Jesse Callanan, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Room 30

STEM Story Project

Taiha Begum, Industrial and Systems Engineering

OSCARS Project

Robert Cordova, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Eric Mountain, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Tim Nichols, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Nicholas Lowinger, Mechanical Engineering
Justin Lin, Mechanical Engineering
Vedant Ombase, Computer Science

Automated Mask Production

Marieross Navarro, Mechanical Engineering
Becky Paul-Odionhin, Mechanical Engineering
Jake Ryan, Computer Science Engineering
Ahana Bhattacharya, Computer Science Engineering
David Ferris, Mechanical Engineering with Robotics Minor
William Kandler, Mechanical Engineering and Aerospace dual major
Amrith Mariappan, Aerospace Engineering
Vaibhav Prakash Chhajed, Computer Science and Engineering

Room 31

Design and Assemble a bench-top system for standoff plastic detection

Christopher Martin, Chemical and Biological Engineering

Tessellated Structural Architectural (TeSA) Shear Wall Systems

Riley Blasiak, Civil Engineering
James Lang, Civil Engineering

Comprehensive Study of Winter Road Maintenance and Background

Nicholas Boulton, Civil Engineering

Room 32

Exploring Heuristics and Algorithms for SAT Solvers

Pranshu Teotia, Computer Science  and Engineering

Exposing GAN-generated Faces Using Inconsistent Corneal Specular Highlights

Shu Hu, Computer Science and Engineering

A Wearable Indoor Navigation System for Parkinson's Patients

Shardul Saptarshi, Computer Science and Engineering

Room 33

PocketCare S

Anarghya Das, Computer Science and Engineering
Anant Patni, Computer Science  and Engineering
Rafsan Chowdhury, Computer Science  and Engineering
Anuj Bhargava, Computer Science  and Engineering

An Early Warning Monitoring System for Undesirable Neighborhood Change in Buffalo

Jan Voltaire Vergara, Computer Science and Engineering
Kevin Brito, Computer Science and Engineering

Who Gets What, According to Whom? An Analysis of Fairness Perceptions in Service Allocation

Jacqueline Hannan, Computer Science and Engineering; Industrial and Systems Engineering

Room 34

Monte Carlo solver for Phonon Boltzmann Transport Equation applied to meso-scale heat conduction

Abhishek Pathak, Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering

Fabrication of a Low Cost Spin Coating Device Utilizing 3D Printed Materials

William Johnson, Electrical Engineering

Image Processing for Image-Driven Physics-Based Rat Tumor Growth Modeling

Polly Liang, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Room 35

3D micro-printed hybrid photonic structure for single-fiber Optical Tweezer

Innem Reddy, Electrical Engineering

Analyzing Open-Ended Modeling in Early Undergraduate Engineering

Krista Beranger, Engineering Education
John Toftegaard, Biomedical Engineering
Mary Rola, Industrial Engineering

Optimizing Road Salt Usage on North Campus

Madeline Harp, Environmental Engineering
Jay Pierce, Civil Engineering
Kelsey Kaufman, Civil Engineering
Nicole Guldin, Industrial Engineering

Room 36

Online Domain Adaptation for Continuous Cross-Subject Liver Viability Evaluation Based on Irregular Thermal Data

Sahand Hajifar, Industrial and Systems Engineering

Venus Atmosphere and Regolith Earth Delivery System

Nicholas Deitrich, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Simulation of Combustion of Low Calorific Value Fuels

Adithya Pai, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Joe Razzaque, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Room 37

Wearable Technology in the Workplace

Sonjii Parris, Industrial and Systems Engineering

Effects of Heat Generation During Osteotomy Dental Implant Drilling

Nicole Elia, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Structures for Electricity Production in Electric Vehicles

Garrett Thomas, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Jonah Bannon, Mechanical Engineering

Room 38

Food insecurity among seniors and the effects of mobile produce markets on seniors' fruits and vegetable consumption

Sibaridibo Banuna, Community Health and Health Behavior

#OnOurSleeves (Children's Mental Health)

Sunshine Peña, Social Work

Homelessness in Buffalo and Erie County

Emma Gunner, Social Work

Room 39

A Perspective of Sustainability

Cam Hotto, Management

Cerebral Artery Stroke-Induced Morphological Changes in Auditory Cortex

Muhsinah Howlader, Rehabilitation Science

Mitigating Myeloid-Driven Pathways of Immune Suppression to Enhance Cancer Immunotherapy Efficacy

Sean Colligan, Roswell Park Immunology

Room 40

The Effect of Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors on SGLT2 Function

Raelea Derylak, Pharmacuetical Sciences

The Biophysical Characterization of Enteric coated PI Nanoparticles for Improved Oral Delivery of Adalimumab

Brandon Guzman, Pharmacuetical Sciences
Peyton Smith, Pharmaceutical Sciences

FDA-labeled dosing of IFX falls short of target trough concentrations for pediatric IBD: a population PBPK modeling approach

Hsuan Ping Chang, Pharmacuetical Sciences

Room 41

Interactions of COVID-19 Drug Candidates Dexamethasone and Baricitinib on Human Lymphocyte Proliferation

Wensi Wu, Pharmacuetical Sciences

Nanoparticle-based Oral Prophylactic "Reverse" Vaccination Approach to Prevent Immunogenicity of Therapeutic Proteins

Nhan Hahn Nguyen, Pharmacuetical Sciences