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COMSOL is a multiphysics simulation suite.

Category:  Engineering

Usage Notes
To show the software versions:
    module avail comsol

Loading the module will set the path and any necessary variables:
    module load comsol/version

Additional Information
COMSOL is a licensed product and may not be available to all CCR users. Access is restricted. Contact ccr-help with inquiries regarding access to the COMSOL software.

The COMSOL graphical interface benefits from using the CCR's remote visualization node.

A tutorial for using the COMSOL "Cluster Computing" feature on CCR's cluster is available here

COMSOL jobs can also be launched in unattended "batch" mode. An example SLURM script is available on the CCR front-end at:

COMSOL manuals are available on the CCR front-end in pdf format and may be viewed using xpdf. The location of the manuals is stored into an environment variable ($COMSOL_PDF_DOCS) when the comsol module is loaded. To list the available files use:
    ls $COMSOL_PDF_DOCS/*.pdf

Did You Know?

COMSOL hosts an annual users conference  featuring the makers of COMSOL along with training sessions and other events for the engineering community.