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2010-2011 Upgrades

Isilon Storage

Upgrades and new additions to the CCR machine room during 2010 and 2011 increased the Center's computing resources to more than 100 TFlop/s of compute capacity and over 600 TBytes of storage capacity.  New additions include (the PI and coPI's are listed for each grant):

Data Intensive Supercomputer - $4.5M NSF MRI grant (Chaudhary (PI), Furlani, Kofke, Patra, Pitman): The Data Intensive Supercomputer will be comprised of a Netezza NPS TwinFin 24, an Xtremedata XD2K dbX 1010 10 Node Database, and an associated compute cluster and high-performance scratch storage of more than 400TB.

HPC System to Support LCMS/Proteomics Analysis - $230K NIH grant (Straubinger (PI), Canty, Furlani, Neelamegham, Schwartz): A 32 node Nehalem-based cluster (256 processors).

GPU Cluster - $600K NSF CRI grant (Chaudhary (PI), Corso, Furlani, Hoffmann, Krovi): Acquisition of a large NVIDIA Fermi-based cluster of (64 Nvidia Fermi M2050) GPUs coupled with 32 Nehalem-based cluster nodes augmented by a large shared memory many-core server and high-performance solid-state disks.

HPC Compute Cluster and Storage - $2.5M NIH grant (Furlani (PI), Blessing, DeTitta, Gill, Halfon, Jusko, Meng, Morse, Neelamegham, Szyperski, Yao): HPC cluster based on 372 compute nodes (4464 cores) with a QDR Infiniband interconnect and more than 400 TByte shared storage.

HPC Energy Efficient Compute Clusters - $1.325M in NYSERDA grants (Furlani (PI), Jones): A cluster of 256 servers (2048 cores) each using a pair of energy efficient 'Nehalem'/'Westmere' quad-core processors and 24GB of onboard memory, supplemented with a pool of 18 32-core servers with large memory (at least 256GB), all interconnected with QDR Infiniband.