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MyCCR is an account management dashboard that allows users to reset their password, change their preferred email address for receiving CCR communications, and see what CCR resources they have access to. Current faculty users can view a list of which users are in their research group, as well as request new accounts and removal of old accounts. MyCCR also provides an easy account request process for new faculty and staff research users. Future updates to MyCCR will also allow users to request project space and quota changes and request file restoration services from backup.

Logging into MyCCR:

MyCCR Login

a. When you initially navigate to the MyCCR website you will be prompted to enter your UBIT username and password. This is authenticating you as a valid UB user. If your UBIT and CCR passwords are different, make sure you're entering your UB password for this login. The UB login page looks like the screen shot shown to the right.

b. You must be on a UB network to utilize this website. If you are off-campus, please use the UB VPN client to establish a connection on the UB network. To download the VPN client, visit UBIT's website.

NOTE: If the UB login takes a long time (more than 20 seconds) the MyCCR application will fail to retrieve your user information and you will get an "Access Denied" error message. If this happens, close your browser and try to login again in a few minutes. Occasionally, the UB servers can not respond fast enough to login requests.