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New User Info

A brief introduction to help new users get started using the CCR cluster.

Computing Resources at CCR

The Center for Computational Research has over 8000 processors to support faculty and student research.    The computers are organized into a cluster sharing common networking and storage.  University researchers use the computers in the cluster through the batch scheduling system.  The CCR staff are here to provide support and assistance to users.

Details of the CCR Cluster


Accounts on the CCR Cluster

UB faculty can request an account on the CCR cluster for themselves and their students using an online form.
More on getting an account


Application Software on the Cluster

There are many scientific, engineering, bioinformatics, and visualization software applications already installed on the cluster.  If you need a software package, then just let us know and, if it is possible we will install it for you.  Of course, you are welcome to install software for your own use in your home or projects directories.  Click on the "Need Help?" link to request the installation of a software package.

List of Software Applications


Getting Started Using the Cluster

There are several paths to getting started using the cluster.  The User Guide provides a step by step guide to understanding and using the cluster.  

There are several online presentations that provide instruction in accessing the cluster and running computations.
Presentations and Workshops

CCR provides individual and group training sessions.  These training sessions are hands-on instruction, where users login, transfer files, run computations, and analyze job performance.  These training sessions are free of charge, and usually focus on the applications that the user wants to run on the cluster.   Click on the "Need Help?" link to schedule a training session.