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Login and File Transfer

Description of how to login using secure shell and transfer files to and from the cluster login machine.

Accessing the General Compute Cluster

The cluster front-end machine is and is available to all CCR users

Only logins using Secure Shell (ssh) are allowed.  File transfer must use a secure protocol, such as sftp. 

The cluster front-end machine can be accessed from the UB network domain.  UBVPN can be used to access the front-end from home or off-campus.


Login and File Transfer from a Windows Machine

The X-Win32 program provides a secure login with graphical display capability.  Both FileZilla and WinSCP provide a secure file transfer using a drag and drop interface.  Be sure to specify port 22 in Filezilla.

NOTE: This guide is slightly outdated.  Please click on the links above for the correct software downloads.  Anywhere that the guide refers to "u2" please substitute the name "rush" (if logging into the academic cluster) or "presto" (if logging into the industry cluster)


Login and File Transfer from a MAC or Linux Machine

The ssh command is used to login to the general compute cluster front-end machine (rush).   Command line file transfer is available with sftp (Secure File Transfer Protocol) and scp (Secure Copy).  The ssh, scp and sftp commands should be available on Linux and MAC machines as part of the OS installation.  FileZilla provides a secure drag and drop interface for file transfer.  Cyberduck and Fetch are available on MAC.

If logging in to the academic cluster use the hostname  If logging into the industry cluster, use the hostname

  • ssh
  • ssh    (Use when the account username on your machine is not your UBit username.)
  • ssh -X              (Use -X to enable a graphical display.)

Options for File Transfer:

  • scp filename
  • sftp
    •  put filename      (Use to upload a file.)
    • get file               (Use to download a file.)
  • Use Cyberduck or Fetch on MAC
  • Download and install FileZilla      (Be sure to specify port 22.)

Remote Graphics Display (X11)

Since all connections to the CCR machines are done via command line, you will need to setup additional software if you want to be able to display any graphics from your programs.  More information about X-Display (X11) setup and forwarding can be found here