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Home Directory and Quota

User disk space at CCR is contained in a high-performance Network Attached Storage (NAS). CCR's NAS provides a total of 3 PB of disk storage to the general compute cluster and other servers at CCR.  Directories are available via the GPFS client on the cluster front end and all compute nodes.

User Home Directories

Home directories are in /gpfs/user.

  • The home directory has the form:
    • /user/UBIT-username
  • Data in the home directories are backed up to a tape library.
  • Home directories are accessible from all compute nodes.

User Quota

  • The default quota for a home directory is 2 Gigabytes.
  • Use the gquota command to display current usage and quota limit.
    • Type: gquota -u
  • The gquota command can also display current project directory usage and quota limit.
    • Type: gquota -g

Need more storage?

UB faculty members are entitled to a shared project directory on the NAS.  This directory is accessible by everyone in your UNIX group and available everywhere the home directories are.  Faculty are allocated a default of 200GB of space but the quota can be increased to 1TB without charge.  Additional storage is available for purchase.  Please contact ccr-help to request a project directory for your group.