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Running Jobs

Jobs are submitted to CCR clusters using a batch queuing system. This provides the best means to insure an equitable distribution of CCR's computing resources among all users.



Job Priority

Each submitted job is assigned a queue priority, which essentially determines when the job will run. There are several factors which determine the priority that is assigned to a user's job.



Job Scheduler

CCR uses a batch scheduler to run jobs on all our clusters. The user submits a job to the Scheduler specifying the required resources. These resources include number of processors, memory, as well as the amount of time needed by the job.



Submitting a Job

  • A job is submitted to the scheduler.  The schedule assigns compute nodes to the job.  The job runs on the nodes.  Once the computation completes the job terminates and the nodes are released.
  • The sbatch command is used to submit a job to the scheduler.  All jobs are batch jobs.
  • Submit a batch job interactively or via a job script using the sbatch command.



Monitoring a Job

The top command show the CPU and memory utilization on the machine.

The ccrjobvis command provides a graphical display of the CPU, memory, and Ethernet network activity on the nodes for an specific job.