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User Guide

User guide for running computations on the CCR cluster.   Topics include an introduction to cluster computing, basic UNIX, login, file transfer,compiling code, as well as submitting and monitoring jobs.

A brief introduction to help new users get started using the CCR cluster.
SLURM (Simple Linux Utility for Resourcce Management) is a workload manager that provides a framework for job queues, allocation of compute nodes, and the start and execution of jobs.
Short list of basic UNIX commands and the CCR reference card.
Description of how to login using secure shell and transfer files to and from the cluster login machine.
User disk space at CCR is contained in a high-performance Network Attached Storage (NAS). CCR's NAS provides a total of 325TB of disk storage to the general compute cluster and other servers at CCR. Directories are NFS mounted to the cluster and accessible from all compute nodes.
Basic instructions on compiling codes on the compute cluster.
Jobs are submitted to CCR clusters using a batch queuing system. This provides the best means to insure an equitable distribution of CCR's computing resources among all users.
Detailed information on debugging, profiling, and checkpoint/restart among others.