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Caring Guidance

Caring Guidance website

Screenshot from Caring Guidance website hosted at CCR

Published June 19, 2014

Caring Guidance: Helping to improve women's physiological adjustment to breast cancer diagnosis

“CCR is providing hosting for the pilot project as well as technical and data analysis expertise.”

Caring Guidance is a program lead by Dr. Robin Lally (UB School of Nursing) to develop and test a tailored, Internet-based psychoeducational program to facilitate women’s initial adjustment to breast cancer diagnosis.  The pretreatment period is recognized as one of the most demanding and stressful of the breast cancer experience and a time in which women have not yet been connected with a physician or received assessment of their psychosocial needs.  CCR is providing Dr. Lally with a location for hosting her pilot project as well as technical and data analysis expertise.

PI: Robin Lally (School of Nursing)