L. Shawn Matott, PhD

Dr. L. Shawn Matott

Computational Scientist

Dr. Matott has been with the Center for Computational Research since 2011; however, he was a CCR user for many years as he pursued his PhD and research projects. 

Areas of Support:

  • Applications testing and deployment.
  • C/C++ and MPI programming, porting and compiling code, writing and debugging shell scripts, etc.
  • Simulation-based optimization of mechanistic models.
  • Uncertainty analysis, sensitivity analysis, and parameter estimation for mechanistic models.

Research Interests:

My research is directed at simulation-optimization and uncertainty analysis of process-based environmental models. As a graduate student, I focused on the application of heuristic optimization to groundwater management. As a post-doctoral researcher and environmental engineer with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency I developed and applied uncertainty analysis tools to policy-relevant integrated environmental models.

My current research addresses: fate and transport of pharmaceuticals and other emerging contaminants; approaches for improved calibration of environmental models; and optimial design of subsurface remediation systems.