Adrian Levesque, MBA

Adrian Levesque.

Urban Visualization & Multimedia Specialist

Adrian started working at the Center for Computational Research as a student in 2001.  Since graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Media Study from the University at Buffalo in 2003, he has worked at CCR full time.  In May of 2013 Adrian finished his Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree at the University at Buffalo.

Areas of Support:

Buffalo Institute for Genomics and Data Analytics

Manage projects for the Buffalo Institute for Genomics (BIG) and Data Analytics, which was created in 2014 to provide informatics and biomedical expertise to advance genomic medicine.  The intentions are for BIG to become a community asset which provides operational resources to create innovation and new jobs among its partners and industry.


Urban Visualization and Transportation Engineering:

Develop real-time 3D urban simulation software for the purposes of planning, design and public outreach. Work closely with engineers, architects and urban planners to ensure accuracy and authenticity in projects.

CCR works closely with various disciplines within the University at Buffalo; including the Urban Design, Traffic Engineering, and Architecture departments. This unique collaboration allows CCR to visualize numerous projects, some being the future of UB seen in both the UB2020 Masterplan Visualization as well as the University at Buffalo Virtual Tour.

Capabilities include:

  • Viewing existing conditions
  • Toggling proposed conditions (roadway, buildings, etc.)
  • Incorporating traffic data
  • Viewable on mobile devices or via a web browser



Assist and create in a wide variety of media disciplines.

Capabilities include:

  • 3D modeling; both real-time and animation
  • 3D data conversion
  • Design of posters and flyers
  • Video creation
  • Website Support
  • Organization of specific events and trade shows.


Projects Supported

List of supported projects, past and present.


Project Management:


Urban Visualization:


Computer Animation:


Web Design:


Software Development:

  • Streetscenes


Event Organization:

  • Supercomputing 2007-17 Booth