Cynthia Cornelius

HPC Applications/Systems Analyst

Areas of Support:

High Performance Computing Support:

  • Assist users with technical questions and problems in areas of computing on the cluster and computational servers.
  • Work with faculty and students to solve compilation, runtime, and scaling problems.
  • Provide support for code debugging and performance analysis.
  • Identify applications and software resources to enhance the cluster computing environment and computational servers.
  • Installation and evaluation of scientific software applications and communication packages.


System Analysis:

  • Performance analysis and benchmarking of scientific applications and communications protocols.
  • Scaling studies and tuning of application software in the cluster environment.
  • Analysis of cluster performance and troubleshooting of software and hardware problems.


Training and Education:

  • Oversee all CCR's training and workshops. The focus is on the analysis of current needs and trends, with the goal of developing themes and scenarios that will facilitate utilization of computational resources and support emergent research areas.
  • Provide extensive cluster computing training to the user community.
  • Develop on-line tutorials.
  • Present hands-on workshops to HPC related scientific courses and inter-disciplinary research audiences.
  • Provide custom training sessions to individuals and research groups.