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Underwater Internet

Tommaso Melodia Research Lab

Dr. Tommaso Melodia's Wireless Networks & Embedded Systems Lab

Published October 29, 2013

“I am sure CCR resources will be very valuable for our research going forward.”
Dr. Tommaso Melodia, associate professor of Electrical Engineering
Director - Wireless Networks & Embedded Systems Lab

CCR User Builds Underwater Wireless Network

Dr. Tommaso Melodia, Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering is working on a framework that would transmit data from existing and planned underwater sensor networks to laptops, smartphones and other wireless devices in real time.  Melodia tested the system recently in Lake Erie with graduate students, Hovannes Kulhandjian and Zahed Hossain, and will be presenting a paper about the work in November at the 8th annual International Conference on Underwater Networks & Systems in Taiwan.  A deep sea network has many useful applications such as detecting tsunamis, collecting oceanographic data, monitoring pollution, as well as being useful to law enforcement and the energy industry.

Funded by the National Science Foundation, the project is a collaborative effort that includes UB researchers Stella N. Batalama and Dimitris A. Pados, professors of electrical engineering; Weifeng Su, associate professor of electrical engineering; and Joseph Atkinson, professor of environmental engineering; several of which are CCR users as well.

Dr. Melodia says "I am sure CCR resources will be very valuable for our research going forward."  We look forward to helping his research progress.

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