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Job Placement

Openings for academic positions teaching philosophy at the college level are highly competitive. In recent years the ratio of potential candidates to available openings was as extreme as 8 to 1. This could equate to more than 2,000 candidates for fewer than 250 openings.

The University at Buffalo boasts a good record of placing our PhD graduates in academic positions. Of our 43 PhD graduates since 2000, 38 are employed, with 34 teaching at the college or university level, and 25 as Assistant Professor or higher. Four of these graduates are pursuing additional degrees in other fields. These data rival the placement records of schools renowned for their philosophy programs.

Institutions that have employed our recent PhD graduates:

(To the best of our knowledge, this information is accurate as of February 15. Dates indicate year of degree conferral.)

Name Dissertation Title Advisor Initial Placement
Sweeney Nolan, Catherine The Metaphysics and Ethics of Vital Organ Donation David Hershenov Affiliate Professor, University of Dallas
Donhauer, Justin A Philosophy of Theoretical Ecology for Environmental Policy Kenneth Shockley
Adjunct Instructor, Buffalo State College
Babcock, Shane
Towards an Essentialist Account of Modality
Neil Williams
Earle, Robert Deep Intentional Environmental Value: Toward a Relational Theory
Kenneth Shockley
Adjunct Instructor, SUNY Cortland and Tomkins CC
Buckman, Christopher
Negative Beauty: Ugliness in Kant’s Theory of Taste Carolyn Korsmeyer Adjunct Instructor, University at Buffalo
Duncan, Wiilliam
The Ontology of Computational Artifacts Barry Smith Assistant Research Scientist, Regenstrief Institute
Hicks, Amanda
Ampliative Inference and the Principle of Sufficient Reason Neil Williams Assistant Professor, University of Florida
Rivera Berruz, Stephanie
The Quest for Recognition: The Case of Latin American Philosophy Jorge J.E. Gracia Assistant Professor, William Patterson University, NJ
Robinson, Juneko
The Body Politic: An Existential Ontology of Clothing, Conformity and the Politics of Self-Expression   
Carolyn Korsmeyer Asylum Attorney, San Francisco
Sackris, David
Using Modarisl Terms Epistemically David Braun Lecturer, Princeton Writing Program
Taylor, Adam
Four-Dimensional and Well-Being David Hershenov Lecturer, North Dakota State Univiversity
Tremblay, Frederic
Resemblance Realism: A Theory of Universals Barry Smith Postdoc at the Institut Jean Nicod, Paris
Decker, Brock A Place at the Table: Giving Gustatory Aesthetics its Due Carolyn Korsmeyer
Executive Chef, Townline Pub, Grill, and Banquet, Green Bay, WI
Lafrenz, Mark What is a Work of Art?  Intentions, Definitions and the Ontology of Art Carolyn Korsmeyer
Potter, Joel Recollective Pathe: Affectivity and Inquiry in Plato Jiyuan Yu
Assistant Professor, University of Alaska, Anchorage
Compton, Elizabeth A Dispositional Account of Aesthetic Properties Neil Williams & Carolyn Korsmeyer Adjunct Instructor, St. Catherine’s College, MN
Flier, Leonard Care and Flourishing: A Liberal Neo-Aristotelian Ethic of Care Ken Shockley
Pryba, Russell Art, Food and Other Cultural Entities: A Pragmatic Metaphysics Carolyn Korsmeyer Lecturer, Univ. of Northern Arizona, Flagstaff
Spencer, Mark Thomistic Hylomorphism and the Phenomenology of Self-Sensing Jorge J.E. Gracia Assistant Professor, Univ. of St. Thomas, MN
Ullman, Catherine Cultivating Practical Wisdom in the Restoration  of Cultural Artifacts Randall Dipert Information Security Analyst, Univ. at Buffalo
Niswonger, Mark

Life at its Edges: A New Ontological Look at the Persistence Conditions for Organisms

Barry Smith Adjunct, Brown Mackie College
Palencik, Joseph

Noncognitive Affect: A Study of Mind and Emotion

Carolyn Korsmeyer Assistant Professor, Muskingum University, New Concord, OH.
Seo, Mingyu

From Critical Realism to Meta-Reality: Roy Bhaskar’s Philosophical Evolution from West to East

James Lawler  
Hartnett, Ryan

The Essence of Causation

Neil Williams Dean, Division of Arts, Sciences & Professional Studies, Trocaire
Escobar Plagmann, Andrea

The Metaphysics of Dementia:  The Intersection of Personal Identity and clinical Ethics

David B. Hershenov  
Ott, Paul

The Politics of the Present: A Relational Theory of the Self as a Basis for Political Theory

Kah-Kyung Cho Adjunct, Loyola University, Chicago, IL
Chelstrom, Eric

Phenomenology and Subjectivity’s Relation to Others, a Phenomenological Contribution to Collective Intentionality

Kah-Kyung Cho Assistant Professor, Grand Valley State University, MI
Halady, Steven

The Reality of Race Against Racial Eliminativism

Jorge J. E. Garcia Visiting Assistant Professor, Canisius College
Smith, Susan

The Hidden Assumption: The Conflation of Nature and Nurture in the Race  Debate

Jorge J.E. Garcia Director, UB Social Sciences Inerdisciplinary Program
Ruhl Rapaport, Elisa  

Emotion by Proxy: Some Ethical Considerations in the Designation of a Health Care Power of Attorney

Carolyn Korsmeyer Associate Professor, Molloy College, Long Island, NY; Department Chair
Spear, Andrew

Not by Experience Alone: Toward a Theory of a Priori Justification

James Beebe Assistant Professor, Grand Valley Sate University, MI
Rosen-Velasquez, Ernesto

The Metaphysics of Latino Identity and its Social and Political Implications

Jorge J.E. Garcia Assistant Professor, Univ. of Dayton, OH
Zeccardi, Joseph

Arete and Taste: Towards a Virtue-Theoretic Aesthetics

Carolyn Korsmeyer Lecturer, Professor St. Mary's College, Oakland CA
Duffy, Leigh

Modal Illusions: Making Sense of the Necessary A Posteriori

James Beebe Adjunct, Buffalo State College


Silber-Sweeny, Laurel



Interfacing Ethics: The Ethical Relation from Kant to Derrida


Kah-Kyung Cho  
Novotný, Daniel

Beings of Reason: A Study in Scholasticism of the Baroque Era

Jorge J.E. Garcia Univ.of Life Sciences, Prague, Czech Republic
Jang, Misung

Aristotle’s Doctrine of the Mean

Jiyuan Yu Adjunct faculty, Towson University, MD
Chen, Shi

Practical Necessity in Bernard Williams’s Virtue Ethics

James Lawler  
Arima, Hitoshi

Observation, Explanation, and Intuition – Two Arguments

Randall Dipert Researcher, Ritsumaikan University, Kyoto
Connolly, Timothy

This Moving Being: The Role of Change in Plato

Jiyuan Yu Assitant Professor, East Stroudsburg University, PA
Petruzella, Gerol

External Goods from Socrates to the Stoics

Jiyuan Yu Adjunct, Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts;
D’Onofrio, Sandro

Aquinas as Representationalist: The Ontology of the Species Intelligibilis

Jorge J.E. Garcia Lecturer, Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru at the Universidad Antonio Ruiz de Montoya