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Engraving: Improvement of the Morals LACMA; Wikimedia Commons

Both theoretical meta-ethics and normative ethics are interests of members of the Philosophy faculty, as is the application of these ideas to applied areas of practice.

Ken Shockley counts both ethical theory and environmental ethics among his chief research areas (Shockley’s work includes the ethical dimensions of UB’s Ecosystem Restoration program). Jiyuan Yu conducts research and teaches in the history of ethics, particularly Aristotle, and James Lawler writes and teaches Kant’s ethics.

The application of ethics to various practical fields is also an area of interest and teaching of David Hershenov whose work in metaphysics extends into bioethics. Randall Dipert researches military ethics and just war theory. Affiliated faculty member Stephen Wear is co-director of the Center for Clinical Ethics and Humanities in Health Care. Affiliated faculty member Richard Cohen teaches courses in Continental thinkers such as Levinas.