Community Outreach

David Hemmer, Chair, UB Department of Mathematics, demonstrates the mysteries of the Mobius strip, for Grade 6 students from Westminster Community Charter School, Buffalo, NY. Each January, K-8 students from Westminster Community Charter School visit UB for hands-on activities in science, engineering and math involving demonstrations, experiments and small group sessions.

Many participants from the previous NMC competitions (some in the group photo above, 2011) are now college students majoring in math and science.

NMC Buffalo-Rochester Region

NMC 2009 – UB Mathematics 
NMC 2010 – UB Mathematics
NMC 2011 – UB Mathemaitcs
NMC 2012 – Canisius, Old Main
NMC 2014 – Canisius, Science Building
NMC 2015 – Canisius, Science Building
NMC 2017 – UB Mathematics

UB and Canisius host National Mathematics Competition for students in Grades 4 to 11

UB Mathematics and Canisius Mathematics departments have been hosting the National Mathematics Competition (NMC) since 2009. The NMC is a nationwide annual mathematics competition for students from Grade 4 to 11 administered by the Korean-American Scientists Engineering Association. The annual competition, held in April, provides an advanced level of mathematics problems for students across the US.

The regional NMC, includes the Buffalo and Rochester areas, is organized by Dr. Jung (UB) and Dr. Kahng (Canisius). The purpose of the event is to bring together local students for a day filled with exciting opportunities for students to participate in a math competition while working with peer students on math projects.

For a successful organization of the event, a small army of volunteers includes our graduate and undergraduate math students who serve as a event managers and mentors.

This NMC event promotes interest in mathematics and science for students in Grades 4 to 11 by showing them how to develop more advanced levels of mathematical thinking.The NMC in Buffalo has only a short history, but has been establishing a tradition as a community event.