UB’s RENEW Institute awards seed grants to three projects

Cornfield in Iowa.

A cornfield in Iowa, part of the Upper Mississippi River Basin, which RENEW researchers will study. Credit: inkknife_2000 Wiki Commons


Three research projects have been selected to receive funding from UB’s RENEW Institute, which is dedicated to solving complex environmental problems.

“These RENEW-funded projects address critical problems related to climate change, chemical exposure among school children, and the need for more efficient and higher performance semiconductors for renewable energy applications,” says Amit Goyal, director of RENEW, which stands for Research and Education in eNergy, Environment and Water. “We anticipate that each of these projects will lay the foundation for successful grant applications in the areas of energy, environment and water sustainability.”

UB’s RENEW Institute promotes interdisciplinary research that positions the university as a global leader in select areas of energy, environment and water sustainability. Its overarching goal is to advance these areas and lay the groundwork for a regenerative economy.

RENEW plans to accomplish this goal through research and education in five areas: next-generation materials and technologies for energy, environment and water; sustainable urban environments; freshwater coastal ecosystems and the blue economy; environmental exposures, genomes and health; and climate change and socio-economic impacts.

The project’s principal investigator is Le Wang, professor in the Department of Geography and a member of UB’s National Center for Geographic Information and Analysis. Co-principal investigators are Susan Clark, research scientist at RENEW; Jessica Cao, assistant professor in the Department of Epidemiology and Environmental Health; and Zhenduo Zhu, assistant professor in the Department of Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering.


Published April 2, 2018

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